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Lawn / Grass Seed - The All Rounder

Our multi-purpose grass seed, The All Rounder, is specially designed to produce an attractive hardwearing lawn that’s ideal for family use. These versatile seeds are produced by Barenbrug UK, and they’ve been breeding grass seed varieties for over 100 years. This proven product is ideal for creating brand new luscious green lawns, as well as patching or over-seeding existing lawns, and George Davies Turf regularly supply these quality seeds to a comprehensive range of homeowners, landscapers and professional groundsmen.
The mixture includes two simple ingredients; perennial ryegrass and strong creeping red fescue, and this established balance guarantees the following:

  • Rapid germination from the perennial ryegrass grass seed
  • The ability to withstand heavy foot traffic
  • A comfortable surface that the family to enjoy
  • A gorgeous green color
  • A fine leaved and dense appearance
  • The mixture

    • 50% Perennial ryegrass
    • 50% Strong creeping red fescue

    Pack sizes

    • 525g carton (15 sqm)
    • 1.75kg pouch (50 sqm)

    Sowing Rate

    • Sowing rate 35g per m2
    • Over-sowing rate 25g per m2

    Mowing Height

    • Down to 30mm

    Over-seeding Your Lawn with The All Rounder

    Many of our clients have used this seed to thicken their own lawns, yet it can also be used to disestablish any undesirable weeds. If a lawn hasn’t been over-seeded, it can develop into a rather thin, unhealthy surface and George Davies Turf has helped our clients dramatically improve their lawns with this well-balanced product.

    The best time to over-seed a lawn with The All Rounder is between March and early May, or between late August and September, and we advise our clients to avoid over-seeding during the dry months of June and July.


    Turf Repairs and Maintenance

    There are a number of reasons why patches can appear on lawns, and our grass seeds can provide a cost effective, long-solution. Issues can soon reoccur if you decide to turf a patchy area instead, and professional groundsmen use the sowing technique to create thick, luscious green lawns in just several weeks. Re-seeding bare patches can also prevent weeds from germinating in various areas too, whilst improving the overall health of your lawn.

    To create or maintain a luscious green lawn with The All Rounder, get in touch with George Davies Turf today on 01234 714555 or 01727 821 765.  Alternatively, you can contact us via email on and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

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