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Shady Seed


A quality seed mix, specifically designed to create great lawns under shady places – best sown from March – November.


Our Green Velvet Shady Seed is a premium grass seed product that helps turf which is struggling to thrive in shady spots in your garden or outdoor space. These seeds have been specifically formulated to help grass in sun-restricted areas grow to their full potential within these conditions.  

Shady Seed is easy to use and perfect for lawn patch repairs, reviving brown patches, thickening thinning lawns, and producing healthier-looking grass. If your lawn looks a little tired in shady areas, try Shady Seed and watch it come back to life within a couple of weeks.  

Where To Use It 

Green Velvet’s Shady Seed has been produced to grow fresh, strong, thick, and healthy grass in shady areas of your garden. These are often found under tree canopies, fences or under obstacles (like benches or trampolines). Shady Seed helps grass survive in sun-restricted conditions by developing stronger grass roots, which can source essential water and nutrients. It also helps grass blades build a solid resistance to common lawn diseases and a higher tolerance to drought. 

Do I Need Shady Seeds? 

Are there parts of your lawn hidden in the shade of trees, bushes, sheds, or buildings? Grass that is permanently in the shade won’t absorb enough sunlight to generate food, nutrients, and energy to grow thick, strong grass. It’s these areas that need a little help.  

This seed has been formulated for precisely this purpose. It is designed to provide a boost of nutrients to struggling areas and grow a type of grass that can withstand and survive in these sun-limited conditions.  

How To Use It 

Start by removing any weeds from the shaded area. Rake the soil to create an even surface and scatter your Shady Seed onto the soil. Tap them in slightly to ensure they’re in contact with the earth, and water them. For the best results, we recommend sowing this seed from March to November.  

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