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2019 Summer Newsletter

Moving into the summer, lawns generally were given some nice weather in mid-June but we would expect things to carry on drying out as we move into August. This being the case, we are currently applying foliar fertilisers plus surfactants to help any rain penetrate the soil as well as trace elements to help the plants survive the weather should it become abrasive. Weed control continues so we will be dealing with any later germinating or perennial weeds. 

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Newsletter April 19

As we move into spring, we often get tempted to think that the weather is lovely and warm. In truth, it often is when we are stood outside mid afternoon but on the last few days, I have had to scrape much ice off the windscreen at dawn! These cold nights and diurnal shifts in temperature can restrict growth and still leave the plants vulnerable to mistreatment if we are not careful.


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New Depot Opening in Bicester

Dear All , We just wanted to let you know that we will be opening our new depot in Bicester this Friday, 2nd March.  

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August 17: Newsletter

After a very dry, and often hot few months (seldom though it has been), most lawns are now showing the effects of the summer months, which can be a very difficult time for them. Whilst last week saw a fair amount of rain, and with the exception of 2 rainstorms in March and May, we have had a fairly dry period since Winter. We are now seeing better moisture levels alongside climbing humidity. Generally speaking, we can expect to see an increase in rainfall throughout August, as well as the return of overnight dew.

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May 17 : Newsletter

Can you believe it's May already?! With one very dry and cold bank holiday weekend already behind us, we can see that soils have become incredibly dry and grass growth has slowed considerably. Generally speaking, we tend to say goodbye to the diurnal shift in temperature and colder nights around 1st May. We were promised much needed rain over the last week of April but as this is British weather we're talking about, the forecasts turned out to be incorrect and as a result the soils remain very dry.

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April 17 : Newsletter

As we move into spring, it's often tempting to make the classic British mistake and assume that the weather is going to be lovely and warm.

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Are you ready for Spring?

Winter’s gone and Spring is arriving fast. Is your grass looking somewhat drab and anaemic?

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Composite Decking vs Wooden Decking

Composite decking is fast becoming a popular staple across the UK, and it’s easy to see why. Sturdy, practical yet beautiful – composite decking seemingly has it all. However, many people still covet traditional wooden boards for their decking. Which is better? Here, we weigh up the pros and cons to help you make your decision.

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Helping the Butterflies & Bees!

The UK's largest independent supplier of Natural Turf is pleased to announce it has added environmentally friendly Wildflower Turf to its product portfolio.

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George Davies Turf Ltd goes Artificial

George Davies Turf goes Artificial!!


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George Davies Turf Go Racing At Silverstone

George Davies Turf were out racing at Silverstone this weekend!! Not in our lorries but in a single seater driven by Michael Moyers that we have part sponsored with one of our longest standing customers, GLN Landscapes.

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George Davies Turf Team Grows AGAIN

Nick Hardy joins the team...

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Olney Raft Race Jul 14

The George Davies Team were out in Force at the Olney Raft Race...and WE CAME THIRD!!!!

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Record Week at GDT!


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Anyone for Golf?

Get your clubs ready!

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First Class Turf

First Class Turf getting rolled in every direction!

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Spring Has Sprung at George Davies Turf Ltd

When the Sun Comes Out The Turf is Out!

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Our New Website is Launched!

We welcome you to our brand new updated website. The new site is also fully responsive for mobiles and iPads...

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