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Supplying over 35000 gardens every year

George Davies Turf was started in 2001. Since then, we have grown enormously and today we are selling 1.5 million rolls of freshly cut, golf course quality turf every year. This is nearly 400 acres of lawn turf grown specifically for you or put another way that is 350 football pitches we harvest every single year. GDT also sells and distributes over 11000 bags landscaping materials including, topsoil, bark, and compost. We are Premier Distributor for Millboard composite decking and offer a complete range of artificial grasses.


Why buy turf from


Turf is a living product and as such it needs to be transported from the field to your garden as quickly as possible. It’s a tough job with lots of obstacles to overcome and that’s why not many people do it. George takes pride in giving you the freshest turf possible for your project whether its your garden, a commercial property, a new build house, or a sports or amenity space. That’s where the George Davies Guarantee comes in.

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That’s available all year round

We are a family-owned independent business sourcing our turf from the best turf farms in the country. These growers have been producing turf for over 30 years and this same sports grade turf has been used at prestigious venues such as Chelsea FC, Newcastle United, Silverstone Race Circuit, and leading golf courses in the country like Centurion Club, Wentworth, and Gleneagles.

We have relationships with growers in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Suffolk, Kent, Cambridgeshire, and Essex. This allows us to source the best quality turf all year round, and we only break for Christmas & New Year. The soil types are ideally suited to growing turf for harvesting since they are free draining and sandy with access to full irrigation in the hotter summer months. That’s why we feel confident saying that we can get you the best turf available on the market in the UK.



George Davies takes the best turf and combines that with an exceptional level of service to give you a prompt and reliable delivery. We are customer focused and that means we want to hear from you if there is something we can do something differently or better then tell us here.

Our fleet of lorries is always expanding, and we do this so we can better serve you. More trucks mean more prime delivery slots to get your orders to you at time that works for your turfing project. Each lorry is equipped with an all terrain forklift truck to unload your goods. These specialist machines allow us to place pallets and bags with precision which makes your life easier. Do you have a shingle driveway? They are no trouble for us. Want the pallet up the driveway by your back gate? Not a problem but we would ask you to take liability for any issues that arise from inviting us onto your property with heavy machinery. Want your turf in the middle of the fairway on the 18th hole? We would be happy to oblige. If we can put your goods next to where you’re working, then we are here to help you, saving you time and effort in completing your project.

We have industrial fridges in both our depots to help keep our turf cool before we give it to you to increase the shelf life for you while you’re on site. All our soils are kept under cover which means that they are easier for you to use on your projects. Our whole operation is designed to deliver quality products within a timescale that helps or benefits you.



We’d be delighted to help

We supply large estates and golf courses, but we know that gardens are getting smaller all the time, don’t be put off or think that we don’t want to help you too even if you just need a roll to patch up your lawn. We will happily arrange for a collection from one of our depots and one our team can even load your car for you. If we are just too far away, you could collect from one of our partner stockists locations found here.

Whatever the size of order we want to look after you.

We’ve invested in specialised equipment to make the hard jobs easier, and we want to help you – challenge us!

In today’s world, time is of a premium for everyone, and we understand that. We will always supply you with a two hour window for your delivery. We will work with you to get you what you want when you want it. We won’t over promise on service and always work to realistic and achievable time scales. We have over twenty years of experience in logistics, and understand what is important to our customers, sometimes things go wrong and when they do we will always work to resolve any issues that result. Our communication is key and we will call, text, email or send you a smoke signal if that helps. We think this level of clarity and transparency takes the drama out of any potential issues!

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