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Turf for Landscape Architects

Are you looking for a turf that once specified, you have the belief that it will be delivered on time, put in the right place and of the quality that you demand to ensure that your client is happy and funds are not withheld.

Depending on the project you are designing will influence the type of turf you require so it is important that you choose the right turf for your needs. I have given a brief overview of four different types of turf below but if you require a full breakdown of the seed mixes then look on the home page under ‘products’.

Trident Turf

Our most popular turf is suitable for general lawn use and amenity landscaping. It has a medium texture and will root quickly once laid. The turf will keep its colour all year round and the inclusion of ryegrass makes it extremely hard wearing, so it's perfect for family lawns used by children.

Shade Tolerant Turf

New Shade Tolerant Turf is high quality which is ideal for gardens, recreational areas and shaded landscapes and lawns. It’s a strong, hard wearing, soft textured turf which is grown for 18 months before harvesting. It’s also deep rooting and tolerates shade and wet or dry conditions. This turf has an outstanding visual appearance which retains its vibrancy even in hot conditions when maintained correctly.

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Greens Turf

This is a turf produced primarily for golf courses, however in some situations this type of turf can be used in ornamental lawns and prestigious landscaping projects. Again it is only suitable for experienced gardeners who are able to give it the specialist attention it needs to thrive.

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