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Posted on 02.12.2020

Can You Lay Turf In Winter?

The straight answer is yes, you absolutely can lay turf during colder months, except on frozen ground. It’s a well-known but misplaced conception that you should not be laying turf during the winter. 

Posted on 23.11.2020

What is Millboard?

Millboard is a type of decking that’s handmade in the UK and styled from real oak timbers “creating an incredible realistic look that captures the natural beauty of wood”. If you’re looking for a deck that has a great deal of natural character, a slip resistant surface, st...

Posted on 09.11.2020

Top Turfing Tips for November

There is no certainty with the weather, but many people believe that November is destined to be a difficult month because of falling temperatures and the amount of rainfall. 

Posted on 02.11.2020

Covid-19 Update November 20

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday evening [31st October] we have been seeking further clarification from the UK Government about the status of businesses like ours, and if necessary, how we could operate within the Government guidelines.

Posted on 20.10.2020

Let’s get in the garden for half term and bring the kids!

The last couple of weeks have been miserable and wet. So hopefully we get to enjoy a dry week to be back outside. 

With the half term upon us, having some time at home with the kids. We don’t want to get to next spring after the cold and wet winter weather and realise everyth...

Posted on 01.10.2020

How Does Rain Affect The Laying of Turf?

Wherever you live in the UK, you will have seen what happens to turf when it is allowed to dry out before it is rooted into the soil; it develops scars, bald patches and blackened areas. Newly laid turf should never be allowed to dry out, so surely laying the turf on a rainy day is a good thing? ...

Posted on 01.09.2020

Planning For Autumn - Turf Tips

Autumn is considered the best time of year to keep a close eye on your turf. Temperatures are dropping, there is less exposure to the sun, but the turf is still warm. Rain is steady, and competition from pesky weeds is at the lowest point after summer.

Posted on 15.07.2020

How to Nurture Turf During The Summer Months

During the summer months, we’re often asked “is now a good time to lay turf?” Many people avoid laying turf during summertime and choose to wait until autumn when the weather is cooler with more rain. The problem is, it’s difficult to predict the best possible day or week ...

Posted on 18.05.2020

Some Recent Testimonials

As you know, its been a really tough few months across the UK for families and businessess due to the extent of the CoronaVirus pandemic. Here at George Davies Turf, we kept our doors open and went about our business in a safe manner. And we'd like to thank those that stuck with us during thi...

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Millboard Range
Composite Decking

Moulded from smooth timber for a textured look and feel, our Enhanced Grain collection recreates the subtle nuances that only natural wood can give. Each of the five shades showcases the grain beautifully.

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Here at George Davies Turf, we take great pride in delivering fresh, quality turf, whether it’s for a domestic property or a major commercial requirement… we guarantee a speedy delivery of your turf and in perfect condition, ready for immediate transplantation right where and when you need it.

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