How To Help Sunlight Get To The Roots Of Your Lawn


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How to help roots of your lawn utilise sunlight?

September 13, 2023      Summer Tips

Turf is a living organism and like all plants, it needs regular water, nutrients, and sunshine to survive and thrive. Ideally, grass should soak up 4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day but with the unpredictable UK weather, this isn’t always consistent! It’s also dependent on your type of turf and its purpose.

Summer lawn care: the ultimate guide for looking after your turf in the heat

July 03, 2023      Summer Tips, Turf Tips

Trimmed borders, vibrant flowerbeds and luscious green grass make the perfect setting for kids to play, relaxed afternoons or BBQ hosting during the summer months. But how can you ensure your turf is in top condition to survive the heat?

How To Fix Dry Grass And Brown Spots On Your Lawn

June 21, 2023      Summer Tips

We hate the thought of our customers looking out onto their gorgeous green grass and being shocked by dry, brown patches in the middle of the lawn. Where did they spring from? It’s natural to assume your turf has died, but before you start grieving for your grass, it’s important to check whether the dry patch is dead or just dormant. For the latter, the secret is knowing how to revive it!

Turfing Tips During The Heat

June 01, 2022      Summer Tips

We’ve always made it clear that turf can be laid all year round, providing the ground conditions are appropriate. Therefore, hot and humid summer days can make the process of laying a turf a little trickier, but with a little extra care and attention, you’ll be nurturing a fresh new lawn in no time.

Laying The Groundwork Down for Summer | Summer Prep Tips

May 04, 2022      Summer Tips

We’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed some warm weather and bright sunshine already in 2022, but with summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to start laying the groundwork for the perfect lawn. 

Laying Turf In The Summer – What should you be thinking about?

July 27, 2017      Summer Tips, Turf Tips

Despite the heavy rainfall of the last week, we are technically in the midst of British summertime so when we do get the occasional glimpse of sunshine, why not spend some time updating and taking care of your garden?

More Mow, More Show! – The Importance of Mowing

June 02, 2017      Summer Tips, Turf Tips

We thought it would be a good time to have a look over some of the basics and key facts that you should be armed with when it comes to mowing and maintaining your perfect lawn.

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