How to Nurture Turf During The Summer Months


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Summer lawn care: the ultimate guide for looking after your turf in the heat

July 03, 2023      Summer TipsTurf Tips

Trimmed borders, vibrant flowerbeds and luscious green grass make the perfect setting for kids to play, relaxed afternoons or BBQ hosting during the summer months. But how can you ensure your turf is in top condition to survive the heat? We want you to get the most out of your outdoor space, so we’ve gathered our expertise to help your lawn thrive during the summer.

Feed your lawn regularly

Did you know that within just 6-8 weeks, microbes in the soil will have processed most of the vital nutrients your turf needs? So, if you really want to maximise the health of your lawn, it’s crucial to feed it regularly. This involves using carefully mixed fertiliser to replenish the soil. Apply fertiliser evenly across your lawn, ideally in cool conditions when rain is expected or water afterwards. This’ll help establish a well-fed lawn which grows to become thick and dense. Helping to cool the soil whilst reducing weed infestation.

Mow often but mow higher

Too many people make the mistake of cutting their grass too short during the summer months. It’s important to remember that longer grass enables the development of stronger and longer roots; allowing them to source water, resulting in a healthier lawn. Simply set your mower to one of the higher settings to keep your lawn looking nutritious, whilst giving it the best chance to survive the summer sun. Don’t forget to neaten the edges to provide that neat, crisp finish.

Keep your soil hydrated in the heat

This is a tricky one during warm weather because ideally, your lawn needs watering every day. However, you don’t want to overwater it and there may be issues if hose pipe bans are brought in. So, how do you achieve it? Keep an eye on the condition of your soil; if it’s damp, it should be ok. If not, it needs to be watered. We recommend watering your lawn in the early morning or evening to reduce evaporation levels or the harsh midday sun from scorching wet grass. Water evenly across your turf, ensuring all the roots get a good drink.

Aerate compacted soil

Our gardens are in high use during the summer months which can result in compacted soil. When this occurs, water and oxygen struggle to move around. Furthermore, grass roots won’t be able to easily manoeuvre through the soil, establishing a stronger root system and sourcing necessary water for a luscious, thick and healthy summer lawn. You can quickly alleviate soil compaction by aerating your turf. Use an aerator or garden fork to puncture holes throughout your lawn; breaking up the soil underneath and allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the grass roots.

Weed out unwanted guests

Weeds love to come out and play during the summer months. Even more so if your grass is stressed by hot weather. The best trick is to stay on top of them! With longer, lighter days, find some time every couple of weeks to dig up any dandelions and other pesky weeds. For effective results, focus on spot-treating infected areas rather than opting for a blanket treatment across your entire garden. Regular weeding not only keeps your lawn looking as fresh as the day you rolled it out, but without weeds stealing important nutrients it also helps ensure the long-term growth of turf and other plants. As well as keeping your lawn healthier throughout the summer and building strong foundations ready for the winter.

Revamp your turf

Perhaps your turf is in need of a refresh before the summer months hit. No problem! Here at George Davies Turf, we have a range of turf which we’re sure will meet your garden’s purpose. Order online or contact the team to get your new lawn laid out and ready to go for summer.


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