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Do you want the very best BS3882:2015 Topsoil for your new lawn? Are you turfing or seeding it? Is having a handleable product important to you? George Davies has got the perfect Topsoil product for you. Our supplier is based in Lincolnshire and are sitting on a seam of Topsoil that is perfect for turfing and seeding. It is classed as sandy loam and it is screened to 10mm and smaller.

All bagged products purchased without turf will be delivered as a PM delivery unless we have confirmed otherwise, this is to ensure that turf and similar products are sent out on our first deliveries to ensure freshness.


Please Note: Orders for delivery need to be a minimum of 1 BULK BAG

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George Davies himself has sourced the very best topsoil screened to an incredibly fine 10mm. Not only is our Topsoil free draining, but it can be spread very thinly as a lawn dressing because it is so fine. It is often thought of as brown sand and this is exactly the type of soil that turf and lawn seed love as bed for establishing themselves in its new home. It is fully BS3882:2015 compliant and it is rigorously tested on a regular basis to make sure that it is the perfect partner product for your project.


Size of each bag

Each bag equates to 0.8 of a cubic meter, so expect up to 850L


So whats in it?

Our quality top soil is up to 80% sand and up to 20% silt & clay – the maximum stone size you will find is 10mm.

Ongoing investment in machinery and equipment and the recent construction of a 15,000 sq/ft unit, means that their production facility is undoubtedly the best in the country. The unit is divided into 15 bays, housing their drying, sterilising and bagging operations. Each bay can hold 300 tonnes of dressing and provides a clean, dry, holding area. George Davies Turf does their bit too by keeping our bags under cover all year round. This level of moisture control is important, especially in the winter as you will receive a product that is exceptionally easy to use. The days of back breakingly heavy topsoils are gone if you use our Topsoil.

Please note that our Topsoil is not sterilised so there could be some annual weeds in it – although rare it could happen, these can be removed by using your usual annual weed management techniques.



Our deliveries are made with using fork mounted 8 wheeled rigid trucks. We deliver this way as it allows for more accessibility included but not limited to gravel driveways, long narrow tracks and ability to place the bags around the back of your home (within reason) or even split them into a raised area if we can get the machine next to it.

We work to a week’s lead time if ordering via the website however, we can achieve a 2/3-day turnaround – just give us a call! If you have any access problems just let us know on the phone or leave notes on your online order.


Product Data

 Textural Classification
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George himself has spent the last 20 years sourcing and distributing these products under his own name and as such has sold in excess of 40,000 tonnes in that time.

The majority of the Topsoil is sourced in Lincolnshire, specifically near Caenby Corner and the land has historically been used for arable farming. The expansion of housing within the area has lead to many tonnes of fantastic quality topsoil needing to find a new home, and we want that to be in your garden or used in your project.  The Topsoil undergoes a series of rigorous tests to ensure the PH, the fertility and the textural classification is fit for your projects.

Our Topsoil product is around 80-85% silica and it is ideal to be used under either turf or grass seed. Its 10mm or smaller sandy loam consistency means that it is very easy to work with.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a large bag of wet soil that is impossible to work with so we keep all of our Topsoils and Soil products undercover once they have been screened and bagged, and this means that you get a product you can work with all year round. Moving Topsoil is historically hard work, but our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you and your projects. We at George Davies Turf try and make your life as easy as possible, and if you would like the bags to be split, so the Topsoil is left in a pile or dotted around a certain area we will accommodate all we can as long as access is good, and you have a sharp knife to split the bottom of the bags for us.

With George Davies Turf, the product is only half the story, we feel the delivery of that product is just as important. We have over 20 years of experience in delivering to projects just like yours within George Davies Turf Country. We treat every job as if it is our own project and we want to help you as much as possible, giving you not only a delivery day but a time slot for your delivery and phone call or text when we are en route.

We also deliver our products with Manitous which are lorry mounted forklift trucks, this way we are able to place the bags within reason, where you want them to be. if you have a gravel drive, a long narrow track or want us to put the bags around the back of the house, is not a problem. The only limitation is the width and the strength of the track, the forklift trucks are 2.6 metres wide and weigh two and a half tonnes empty.  They are multi terrain trucks and will go nearly anywhere (subject to customer agreement). Keep in mind they are forklifts and not cranes so lifting over high walls or fences isn’t always possible.

We have gone to great lengths to make sure the product you receive is fit for purpose, the one thing you need to do is to make sure you keep it covered so it stays dry.

How much soil is in a bulk bag?

The weight of a bulk bag can fluctuate between 0.9 to 1.1 metric tonnes, approximately averaging 1 metric tonne. This variation is attributed to the moisture content of the soil, which can change depending on the season.