How To Help Sunlight Get To The Roots Of Your Lawn


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How to help roots of your lawn utilise sunlight?

September 13, 2023      Summer Tips

Why is sunlight important to grass?

You may not see them, but beneath the grass blades and deep down within the soil are a network of grass roots. These play an essential role in the quality of your turf and how resilient your lawn will be in extreme weather conditions or with high traffic.  

If we get straight to the root of it, sunlight is required for photosynthesis, which will enable the grass to convert light, oxygen and water into energy; helping it develop strong and healthy growth. Without adequate sunlight, the roots can weaken, preventing nutrients from reaching your grass.



What happens if my lawn doesn’t receive enough sunlight?

The UK’s weather can bring with it some pretty grey, dull and dark days. So, if your lawn already has an established root system, it will survive for a few days without sunlight. However, if this extends over some time, you’ll start to experience a lot of turf troubles such as: 

  • Its bright, green colour becomes dull
  • More susceptible to lawn diseases 
  • At risk to waterlog as water is not evaporating
  • Unable to reproduce more grass seeds
  • Prevents water and nutrients from reaching the blades
  • Your grass will eventually die
  • Ultimately, it’ll be unpleasant to look at

For more information, our previous blog dives a bit deeper into how sunlight helps your grass grow.



How do turf roots develop?

When your turf arrives, you’ll notice a layer of grass attached to a bed of soil which contains the grass roots. When your turf is laid out, these roots will grow into the soil below and anchor themselves in. Not only does this secure your new turf to the earth providing a sturdy lawn to mow, play on and enjoy, but the roots also source vital nutrients within the ground to aid growth. 

The root system will work its way through the soil to collect essential water, nutrients and minerals to feed your grass, keeping it strong and healthy. The deeper the roots establish, the more likely they’re able to continually find food. This is extremely beneficial during dry, summer months when the top layer of soil may become a victim of drought. 



How you can help your grass roots grow

We’re all guilty of concentrating on the top of our turf because that’s the bit we can see. Take some time to consider your turf’s roots too because, as we’ve said, they’re vital in sourcing water and nutrients to help your grass grow. To get you started, we’ve listed 4 actions you can start doing today to help more sunlight reach the roots:


  1. Mow higher – generally, grass height mirrors root depth. So, longer blades can encourage root development. Rather than allowing your lawn to grow out of control, continue to mow regularly but at a higher height.
  1. Deeper wateringaim to soak about 4 to 6 inches of the soil. Avoid watering again until the blades show signs of drought as this will train the roots to move deeper.
  1. Allow more sunlightidentify areas struggling in the shade and trim any overhanging branches or hedges blocking the sun. Make sure you clear any garden debris such as leaves which can prevent sunlight from reaching your turf too. 
  1. Switch your turfif the location of your garden has limited sunlight, look at choosing a more suitable turf. Our shade-tolerant turf is designed to thrive in these conditions, offering the same gorgeous green grass you wish for. 



Upgrade your turf today

If you’d like more advice on how to help your turf soak up more sunlight, then reach out to our expert team. We also have a wide range of turf to ensure you have the right type of grass for your garden or landscaping project. 


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