Top Soil - What is all the fuss about?


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Top Soil – What is all the fuss about?

October 20, 2017      Product SpotlightSoil Tips

Like all of our other products, we like to ensure that the topsoil we provide is of the highest quality, whilst still being a fair price. We source our topsoil from a family-run business in Norfolk that has been running for over 40 years – so they really know their stuff… We choose to source from them because of their commitment to consistent advancements and developments where topsoil is concerned. They also have a soil analysis laboratory at their HQ, meaning that they are able to continually monitor and maintain the quality of their product. But how can topsoil help you and why should you be buying it?


When laying a new turf, or injecting new life into an existing lawn, it’s really important to make sure that the soil you are trying to establish it in is rich and nutritious in order to give your garden the best chance. Topsoil provides a layer into which grass seed can be sown for optimal growing. It also provides some protection against direct sunlight and excessive moisture. Finally, and most importantly, it provides the correct nutrients needed for the grass to grow and thrive. The higher the concentration of nutrients, the faster and better the grass will grow.

How should it be applied?

In order to reap maximum benefits, it’s important that your topsoil is applied correctly. It’s a good idea to break up the existing soil and remove any large sticks/stones and any other debris on the ground. At this point, scattering a layer of compost is useful as it will act as a barrier between the original soil and the topsoil and will protect your new grass from dry spells and garden pests. You are now ready to lay your topsoil! When it comes to spreading the soil, it is best to work backwards in order to avoid compaction in the areas you have already laid. Distribute the soil in small piles around the area and use a rake to spread it out. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our team to check how much you should be laying as this will depend upon various environmental factors that will be individual to your garden.

What kind of topsoil should I be buying?

This depends entirely upon the type of turf you are laying and what you will be using it for. For example, our ‘Raised Bed Mix’ will help your fruits and vegetables to thrive, owing to the perfect combination of sandy topsoil and organic compost. Here at George Davies Turf, we stock several different types so finding one to suit your needs shouldn’t be a problem. You can see our full range of topsoil products here.

Any further tips?

Try to avoid handling your topsoil too much when it is wet as the threat of compaction becomes much greater. As with new turf, once you have laid your topsoil, try to avoid too much footfall on the area in order to allow time for it to establish and breathe. Topsoil is not just a great product for new grass but can also help to revive your tired, existing lawn. It’s advisable to sprinkle a thin layer of topsoil across your grass in early springtime before you begin feeding it. Not only will this provide a much needed injection of nutrients after a long winter, it will also reinforce and strengthen your lawn before spring treatments begin. Adding high quality topsoil will help establish and nurture your lawn so that it grows as well as you are hoping for. Applying topsoil correctly will help to ensure that your time (and money!) is not wasted and that you will be able to fully appreciate your garden when the good weather returns.


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