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Nourish – Autumn/Winter Fertiliser

AS LOW AS £6.49 PER Bag

A slow releasing pellet formula, nutrients composed specifically for those Autumn and Winter months.

Size of Area KG
40m² 1kg
80m² 2kg
200m² 5kg
400m² 10kg
800m² 20kg

Support your garden, lawn, and plants during cold and wet winter months. Our Nourish Autumn/Winter Fertiliser consists of slow-releasing pellets, with a specific formula composed to maintain a healthy garden throughout winter.  

By including nourishing fertiliser in your autumn and winter garden care, you help plants and turf source key nutrients they may find challenging to obtain. Nourish Fertiliser also helps establish strong roots and healthy stems to ensure your garden can withstand and survive extreme and unpredictable weather conditions.  

How To Order 

We offer various sizes of Nourish Fertiliser to meet your garden size and needs. Use the dropdown to select your required size and quantity. When your order is ready, you can collect your Nourish Fertiliser from our offices. Contact us for more information. 

Sports Pitches 

By applying Nourish Fertiliser to your football, rugby and school sports pitches, you can help maintain healthy-looking turf. Sport pitches receive high footfall and can become easily damaged when combined with wet and frozen weather conditions. Nourish Fertiliser encourages quick grass regrowth, providing vital nutrients that’ll develop a more robust and resilient turf and boost the colour, creating an appealing pitch to play on.  

For Best Results 

We recommend using the Nourish Autumn/Winter Fertiliser between October and February to help winter flowers bloom and dormant turf or plants survive cold conditions. For the best results, remove garden debris and sprinkle your Nourish Fertiliser pellets evenly over your lawn, concentrating on brown patches or areas that may be struggling. If it’s not raining, water the pellets into the soil. They will naturally work down into the earth and slowly release essential nutrients to enhance your soil, turf, and plants. Repeat the process every three months for a healthy lawn.  

By applying Nourish Fertiliser to your lawn, you’re encouraging your lawn’s roots to become more established, sourcing essential nutrients to get them through a barren winter whilst preparing healthy shoots ready for the spring.