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Green Velvet Lawn Seed


Green with pride. Not envy. Green Velvet ® Lawn Seed is a premium quality seed produced by Barenbrug UK, who have been breeding grass seed varieties for every possible application for over 100 years. This experience and specialist knowledge means that when you buy Green Velvet® Lawn Seed mixtures you can be confident you are buying the very best.

 Do’s and Dont’s


Green Velvet Lawn Seed

An essential accessory for any gardener’s shed. Green Velvet’s Lawn Seed is our multi-purpose grass seed that helps you repair, regrow, and strengthen your turf. Produced by the grass seed experts at Barenburg, you can feel confident you’re buying the very best for your lawn. 

This Green Velvet lawn seed is a classic all-rounder, suitable for any type of grass and sized garden. Its high-quality mix of grass seeds is full of goodness to grow thick, strong, and healthy grass blades. Encouraging rapid regrowth, you’ll see your lawn coming back to life within a couple of weeks – tough enough to handle the wear and tear of everyday life and provide a gorgeous green finish.  

What is Lawn Seed? 

Lawn seed is a combination of various types of grass seed to provide the best attributes for your lawn. They often include cool-season grass seeds, which cope well with cooler, wetter conditions (ideal for the UK) and warm-season grass seeds with a higher tolerance for extreme temperatures and drought. When mixed together, they deliver a robust, resilient and healthier lawn.  

How To Use It 

Lawn seed is used on the areas of your lawn struggling to grow or producing thin, discoloured grass. For these areas, start by digging over the top layer of soil and removing any weeds or dead grass blades. Add a layer of topsoil or soil conditioner if needed to provide extra goodness to the area. Rake over the area to create a flat surface and scatter your Green Velvet Lawn Seed on top. Gently press them in and water. Over the next couple of weeks, you should start to see bright green regrowth – keep them hydrated (but not overwatered) and avoid mowing your fresh grass until it is fully established.  

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