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The fertilisers which we provide here at George Davies Turf are essential to the health of your garden. Turf needs to be well cared for in order to be able to grow well, and by choosing a high quality fertiliser you’re giving it the opportunity to repair any damage to remain strong and robust. Fertiliser usage should form an integral part of ongoing turf maintenance, as it will help to ensure longevity and lock in a healthy, rich colour throughout the seasons.

Our fertiliser uses an advanced formula and is slow-release for maximum impact. It consists of a mini-granular formation which allows for even coverage at low application rates. We also supply a very good hand held applicator which will give you a lovely even spread of fertiliser, so it won’t leave your lawn growing in bands.

  • Two of the main nutrients in our fertiliser are magnesium and iron, which are incredibly important for turf health. They will work to improve the overall condition, keeping a fresh colour and relieving any symptoms of damage, stress or wear. The best times to use fertiliser are between spring and autumn.

    No good gardener should be without a good fertiliser. If it’s not something which you use on a regular basis, you’ll notice such a difference when you start. It doesn’t have to be a time consuming process as an application of fertiliser will last for two to three months.

    We have the right fertiliser products available to our customers in our two handily located depots, based in St Albans and Bedford. To find out more about the right fertiliser for you, speak to one of the team and we’ll be able to offer advice before you buy.

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