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What Are The Advantages Of RTF Turf Over Other Turf Types?

July 16, 2024     

Trident, Greens, Shade Tolerant, RTF – there are so many different types of turf available. But what’s the difference between them, and which turf is best for your garden project? We’ve decided to put some focus on one of the more underrated turfs: Rhizomatous Tall Fescue. However, once you read our list of benefits for RTF, your opinion, like many others, might change!  

Paving The Way For Our Newest Stone Products!

July 12, 2024     

When it comes to landscaping and decorating our gardens, we naturally jump to grass, flowerbeds, potted plants and maybe a seating areait’s pretty standard! But with our new range of stylish stones, charming cobbles, perfect paving, pebbles, chippings and gravel, there are so many ways to shape your garden and put your stamp on it.  

The Ultimate Turf Calculator Guide

July 11, 2024     

When it’s time to revamp your lawn, where do you begin? You’ve chosen your high quality turf, but how many rolls do you need to complete the project? Gardens come in various shapes and sizes, so there’s no one-size-fits-all formula.  

Decorative Aggregate: How To Lay It Right First Time!

July 09, 2024     

Whether you’re laying slate chippings, garden gravel, or Polar White stones, the process of laying your decorative aggregate is the same. The key is getting the preparation correct to preserve a beautiful, low-maintenance and weed-free aggregate landscape.


When To Scarify Your Lawn

July 03, 2024     

As spring arrives and your garden starts to wake up, now is the time to give your lawn a little lift. And how do we do that? By scarifying! Gardeners favour this traditional lawn care task for its easy process and proven results, which deliver a healthier, brighter and long-lasting lawn.

How And When To Fertilise Your Lawn

July 02, 2024     

Garden lawns are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, especially during the summer months: kids playing, pets sunbathing, family BBQs, and get-togethers with friends. And that’s before we mention the lawn care of mowing, edging, and de-weeding. It goes through a lot!  

How To Kill Weeds Without Killing Your Grass

July 01, 2024     

Weed control can be frustrating and time-consuming. It also feels never-endingthey’re everywhere! Although some weeds may look harmless, they can cause serious trouble for your healthy grass. If not dealt with effectively, they can completely take over your beautiful lawn. But how do you remove lawn weeds without damaging your turf 

Meet our landscaper on the inside – Mark Mills

June 26, 2024     

Despite only being with the business for two and a half years, Mark brings a unique advantage and specialist quality to the role having previously managed his own landscaping business for seven years.

Meet Nicolle – Welcome to our award-winning customer service team

June 26, 2024     

Despite only being with George Davies Turf since 2023, Nicolle has completed a full season and understands the intricate changes and challenges facing our customers month by month. Working closely with our office and yard teams, she has developed a unique insight and specialised knowledge in turf and can advise on the many variables involved for ensuring its quality and efficiency.

Revive Your Lawn: Solutions for Dealing with Dry Grass

June 26, 2024     

Dry patches on a lawn are unsightly and can severely impact the overall look of your garden. They create uneven, brown, or yellow areas that stand out against the lush green grass, making the lawn appear neglected and unhealthy. These patches can also lead to further deterioration if not addressed promptly, potentially allowing weeds and pests to take hold.

Meet Matt, GDT’s Innovations Manager

June 20, 2024     

In a couple of months, Matt McNamara will be celebrating his fifth year with GDT and at just 27 years old, he has quite an impressive career journey to share.

Are Slugs and Snails Bad For My Lawn?

June 18, 2024     

Whether you can see them or not, snails and slugs are never far from your garden! To many of us, they look like slow, simple, slimy animals that surely couldn’t cause too much damage to your flowers, hedges or lawn. The truth is yes, they can! Especially if they’re left to their own devices and allowed to multiply.

Improve Your Garden Landscape with Millboard Decking

June 12, 2024     

Millboard offers a stunning, low-maintenance alternative to natural wood decking. Handmade in the UK and meticulously styled to replicate real oak timbers, Millboard is virtually indistinguishable from genuine wood. As a type of composite decking, Millboard provides several advantages over traditional timber.

What Is The Difference Between Topsoil And Compost?

June 10, 2024     

Both topsoil and compost are used by gardeners and landscapers alike, so we understand the confusion over the best product to use: topsoil or compost. Both are key ingredients for gardening, and they can help influence the performance, stability, and appearance of your turf, hedges, plants, and flowers.

Best Practices In Turf Laying For Stunning Results

June 07, 2024     

Turf laying involves proper preparation and installation to ensure the turf establishes well, resulting in a lush, healthy, and resilient lawn.A lush, well-maintained lawn can significantly enhance any garden, providing the perfect spot to unwind and soak up the sun when summer comes around.

How Much Does Turf Cost? 

June 05, 2024     

A healthy-looking, well-kept lawn makes all the difference to an outdoor space. Whether it’s a domestic garden, communal area, park, or sports field, that picturesque green grass is what we all aspire for. Not only does it create a dreamy-looking space, but it also helps encourage wildlife and create safe habitats for them. 


From Seed to Serenity: Mastering the Art of Lawn Turfing

June 04, 2024     

Whether you’re creating a new lawn from scratch or replacing an old one, understanding the types of turf available, how to prepare and lay the turf, and how to care for it properly is essential for achieving a healthy, long-lasting lawn.

Meet Julie Drage – GDT’s Account and Credit Controller

June 03, 2024     

Creativity and a passion for numbers don’t always go hand in hand, but GDT’s Account and Credit Controller Julie Drage breaks the mould in more ways than one. From a young age Julie spent many years living in pubs with her parents which saw her helping out with the finances and socialising with customers.

How To Prepare Your Soil For Turf 

June 03, 2024     

Whether you’re ready to roll out your brand-new George Davies turf or are attempting to grow your lawn with high-quality grass seed, they involve a very similar process, and both have one secret ingredient: preparation! 

GDT sponsors Harlington Allotment and donates much-needed topsoil to new beds

June 03, 2024     

Harlington parish council run an allotment area with a vast number of plots available to rent for just £15 a year. When local resident, Francis Mitchell emailed George Davies Turf at the start of 2023 asking for help to turn around an allotment that hadn’t been worked on for five years, they just knew they couldn’t say no.  

Compost donation to Fernie Fields Sports and Social Club

June 03, 2024     

In the heart of Northampton, nestled between quaint houses and bustling streets, lay Fernie Fields Sport and Social Club in Northampton Sport4Fitness CIC, a community space that has been supporting children and young people with special needs and/or a disability.

Supporting the next generation of female racing drivers – GDT sponsors official race suit of 2023 FIA Girls on Track Rising Star

June 03, 2024     

Earlier this year, George Davies donated £250 towards an official racing suit for 12-year-old, up and coming Karter Bella Fairclough.  

Turf donation supports local nursery garden makeover

June 03, 2024     

Based in Tring, Hertfordshire, Goldfield Infant and Nursery School approached George Davies Turf in Spring 2024 to ask for their support in transforming their current nursery garden which had become worn and covered in hard mud.

Discover our new range of Millboard products

May 31, 2024      Millboard

We have a great selection of new millboard decking products, including our Shadow Line+ and Board & Batten+ and additional accessories, fixtures and fittings. Millboard is a stunning, low maintenance alternative to natural wood decking and has a wider variety of textures and finishes – making this a practical, stylish and durable choice to landscape your garden. 

How To Remove Mushrooms From Your Lawn 

May 30, 2024      Turf Tips

Believe it or not, mushrooms growing on your lawn is a good sign! Mushrooms indicate the soil underneath is rich, high in nutrients and full of goodness – everything you want for thriving turf!  

How To Weed And Feed Your Lawn

May 29, 2024     

Has your lawn started looking more like a weed invasion than a gorgeous grass carpet? It’s scary how quickly weeds can quickly creep up and take over. But with the proper weed and feed process, you can restore your lawn to its former premium turf glory!  

When is the best time of year to lay turf?

May 16, 2024     

Fresh, natural turf can completely transform your garden and complete your landscaping project. However, knowing the right time of year to lay turf and understanding the ideal weather conditions can influence how your lawn will look and grow.

How To Reseed A Lawn In The Spring 

May 14, 2024     

Post winter, your lawn and garden can look a bit tired and stressed. It’s been through a lot: strong winds, blistering frosts, and continuous downpours. Sometimes, lawns will revive themselves, and you only need to give them a fresh cut to prepare them for spring.

When To Overseed Your Lawn

May 13, 2024     

Overseeding can sound like a bad thing, but in fact, it’s an easy, proven, and cost-effective way to give your lawn a much-needed boost. Everyone from amateur gardeners to professional landscapers overseeds, and every type of grass may well benefit from overseeding your garden at one time or another. 

The Essential Guide to Turf and Topsoil for Your Garden

May 08, 2024     

Whether you’re a seasoned landscaper or a novice gardener, understanding the intricacies of turf and topsoil is essential for creating a lush, healthy garden. In this guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about selecting the right turf and topsoil for your projects.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Lawn Turfing

April 23, 2024     

Turfing your lawn can transform your outdoor space into a lush, green, and enjoyable environment. From selecting the right turf to preparing the soil and caring for your lawn, here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you turf your garden from start to finish.

When Should You Lay wildflower turf

April 09, 2024     

Wildflower turf is an excellent choice for transforming your garden into a thriving habitat for various wildlife species while enhancing your garden landscape. With wildflower turf, you can effortlessly cultivate an eco-friendly environment, providing a sanctuary for bees, butterflies, and small mammals.  

Laying the Foundation with Quality Topsoil

March 14, 2024     

Early spring is an excellent time to lay topsoil for both your lawn and garden. With the soil thawed and temperatures gradually warming, conditions become favourable for laying the foundations for a top-quality lawn. 

The Ultimate Guide To Turf Rolls

March 08, 2024     

Achieving a lush, green lawn begins with selecting the right turf and knowing the best installation practices. Whether you’re reviving an existing lawn or establishing a new one, the key to a successful turf installation lies in careful preparation, correct installation, and consistent post-installation care.

How Much Topsoil Should I Use? 

March 06, 2024      Topsoil

One of the most common gardening questions we get asked is: what is topsoil? But also, how is it different to regular soil? Although they may look the same, soil and topsoil have very distinct qualities and offer different benefits to your garden. But how much you need will vary depending on your existing landscape, garden design and desired results. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out everything you need to know about topsoil. 

Pre-Spring Lawn Care: Selecting the Right Grass Fertiliser for Early Growth

February 23, 2024     

Springtime marks the beginning of the growing season for grass in the UK. Fertilising your turf during its active growth phase provides essential nutrients that support vigorous growth, resulting in a lush and healthy lawn.

How To Choose The Best Lawn Turf for Spring

February 12, 2024     

With the long-awaited Spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all-things gardening, particularly lawn turf.

Indoor Gardening: How To Create A Winter Oasis Inside Your Home

February 06, 2024      Indoor

Have you already put your garden to bed for the winter, but your green fingers are itching to get back out there? Perhaps you don’t have an outdoor space, and you’re looking for ways to embrace nature.

Gardening Goals for 2024: Cultivating Your Perfect Garden

February 06, 2024     

Is being the master of your garden your New Year’s Resolution? Perhaps you’re completely new to gardening or an expert looking to refine your skills. Any reason to get outside and enjoy nature is a good one, but it’s even better when you have an end goal in mind.   

Creative Ways to Use Garden Sleepers

February 06, 2024     

In this post, we’re going to be pulling out all the essential winter garden tips and provide you with creative ways to use garden sleepers, just in time for Spring.

The Benefits of Choosing Millboard Decking for Your Spring Projects

January 26, 2024     

If you’re looking for a high-quality, stylish and low-maintenance deck for Spring, then Millboard Decking is the perfect choice. A brilliant and versatile alternative to wooden decking, Millboard is perfect for decking, but can also be used for steps, seating and planters

Winter Garden Care: Protect & Nurture Your Garden

January 26, 2024     

You might think that once you put your garden to bed for winter, you can close the door and forget about it. To an extent, you can, but you can also do lots to keep your garden in the best condition throughout the colder months and protect your plants from extreme weather conditions. In this article, we’re pulling out all the essential winter gardening jobs to boost your garden’s health and appearance, such as pruning perennials and protecting your plants from frost.  

UK Garden Trends 2024

January 15, 2024     

As a new year comes into bloom, now’s the time to start planting the seeds for your dream garden. Whether you’re looking for a simple garden design to maintain or a complete garden renovation, the team at GDT has kept their eyes peeled on the most popular garden trends for 2024.  

Frost on Grass – is Frost Bad for Lawns?

November 17, 2023      Autumn Tips

Many homeowners see frost as a threat and worry it will damage the grass. However, light frosts can actually provide some benefits for lawns. When controlled, the effects of frost on grass are not always negative. Let’s examine how properly timed and tempered frosts can give your lawn a boost.

What Temperature is Too Cold to Fertilise Lawn?

October 29, 2023      Autumn Tips

Whilst there is no specific temperature threshold to keep in mind, it may be best to beat the frost. Generally, this will be around the middle of November but it depends; some years it’s much earlier. By fertilising before that initial temperature drop-off when the ground is frozen, you can ensure the grass roots are able to absorb those nutrients and benefit from them.

GDT Driver Case Study – Waldemar Zawislak

October 23, 2023     

Waldemar, or Val as his known to his colleagues and friends has been a driver at George Davies turf since 2015. A true jack of all trades, Val spent two-years working at GDT part-time,

Will Fallen Leaves Damage Your Lawn?

October 23, 2023      Autumn Tips

Leaves falling on your lawn at home can be problematic if left to accumulate. But will fallen leaves actually damage your lawn? And what’s the most effective way to remove them?

What’s The Best Type Of Grass For Golf Courses?

October 16, 2023      Product Spotlight

One of the biggest influences on a golfer’s performance comes down to the grass they’re playing on. Not only does the cut of the grass help indicate the route of each hole, but the golf turf’s length, texture and condition can make all the difference between you scoring par, a birdie or nothing at all

What Height Should I Mow My Lawn?

October 13, 2023     

Can grass be too tall for a lawn mower? The short answer is no. Most standard lawn mowers can handle grass up to about six inches tall. During the active growing seasons of spring and summer, you should aim to mow your lawn at least once per week, and even more frequently for warm season grasses. 

GDT Driver Case Study – Sam Reeve

October 11, 2023     

Keen sportsman, experienced tree surgeon and Go-Kart racer Sam Reeves started at GDT in 2021, and despite his nickname he is certainly not short of skills when it comes to his role as lorry driver for the company.

Grass Seed vs Turf: What is best?

October 10, 2023      Seed Tips, Turf Tips

Are you looking to create a prize-winning garden, or simply desire a luscious lawn that completes the look of your outdoor space but don’t know where to start? One question we’re always asked in how to achieve this is, is it better to use grass seed or turf?

Can You Cut Wet Grass?

September 22, 2023      Turf Tips

Whether it’s been a spell of wet weather or an unexpected summer shower, most of us have looked out at a lawn in need of mowing only to find the grass is still damp. So when is it okay to get the mower out, and how wet is too wet when it comes to cutting your grass?

How Long Does Grass Seed Take To Grow?

September 18, 2023      Seed Tips

Whether you’re looking to repair a few bald patches in your existing turf or produce a whole lawn from seed, sowing grass seed is a fantastic and cost-effective way to grow fresh grass. In this article, we talk you through what grass seed is and how it produces a hard-wearing turf, as well as the best time to sow grass seed..

How to help roots of your lawn utilise sunlight?

September 13, 2023      Summer Tips

Turf is a living organism and like all plants, it needs regular water, nutrients, and sunshine to survive and thrive. Ideally, grass should soak up 4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day but with the unpredictable UK weather, this isn’t always consistent! It’s also dependent on your type of turf and its purpose.

The Best Time to Mow Your Lawn in Warmer Weather

September 05, 2023      Turf Tips

In general, a beautiful, lush lawn is the pride and joy of many homeowners, for whatever time of year it might be. But achieving a thick, green, and weed-free turf takes some work and careful maintenance.

How Do I Buy Turf Online

August 31, 2023     

Okay, so you’ve decided to transform your garden, begin your next landscaping project or simply refresh your worn-out lawn. Now you’re trying to figure out the best type of turf for your soil and how many rolls of turf you need to order. Here’s the good news, you’re in the right place!

GDT Driver Case Study – Jamie Bruton

August 24, 2023     

Jamie Bruton has been a driver with GDT since November 2019 and there’s not a lot he doesn’t know about engines. With a passion for fixing things and a self-taught mechanic, Jamie is often referred to as the ‘fixer’ in the office and is regularly called upon by his colleagues for advice on all manner of tasks.

Guide to Lawn Fungus & Disease

August 15, 2023      Turf Tips

If you have been dealing with a lawn that looks a little worse for wear despite your best efforts, it could be due to lawn disease. Lawn fungi and diseases can cause significant damage to your grass if left untreated.

What is the Best Type of Topsoil?

August 02, 2023     

When creating a thriving and beautiful garden, the importance of topsoil cannot be overstated. A nutrient-rich, well-balanced topsoil forms the foundation for healthy plant growth, providing essential elements and minerals to develop a healthy lawn, grow vegetables, or create a stunning flower bed.

Which direction Should I Cut My Grass?

July 27, 2023      Turf Tips

Cutting your grass is an important part of your turf’s health and influences the overall appearance of your garden. When mowing becomes a reoccurring gardening task, especially during the warmer months, you want to ensure you’re cutting your grass the right way. But which is the correct way to mow your lawn? Should you mow up and down, side to side, uphill or downhill?

How Do I Get Rid of Ant Hills in My Lawn?

July 19, 2023     

The most effective way to remove an ant hill is to physically remove it from the ground using a shovel or your own hands (please use gloves!). Spread the soil evenly to avoid damaging your lawn, then dig deep into the nest and apply ant killer powder granules. The granules can be diluted in water and poured over the ants or used as bait for them to feed on and return to their nest, which may be more effective in the long run.

How To Lay Turf – Your Ultimate Guide

July 14, 2023      Turf Tips

So, you’ve looked at your garden or landscaping project and decided your lawn is looking a little tired. You’ve found George Davies Turf to order your high-quality turf, but then what?

How do you turn multiple rolls of turf into a seamlessly smooth lawn? As turf experts, we’ve pulled together everything you need to know when it comes to laying turf. 

How do you get Wildflower Turf to RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival 2023?

July 11, 2023      Product Spotlight

How do you get Wildflower Turf to RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival 2023?

Did you see the Wildflower Turf at The Royal Horticultural Society’s Hampton Court Garden Festival 2023? George Davies Turf were very proud to sponsor Hana Leonard’s show garden called “Plastic Fantastic”. The garden itself was a playful and thought provoking look at how plastics are used in our gardens. The only thing that was more playful than her take on garden design was her outfit choices!

GDT Driver Case Study – Chris Cooper

July 10, 2023     

You might not associate life-saving qualities with our GDT drivers, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the incredible team that keep the turf deliveries running like clockwork and work tirelessly to ensure our customers receive the best possible service.

Should I Leave Grass Clippings on My Lawn?

July 04, 2023      Turf Tips

Does anything beat the smell of freshly cut grass? As dry and brighter days start heading our way, we’re all looking forward to getting outside and waking up our garden. One job we look forward to, in particular, is giving our grass that first post-winter trim.

How to look after your garden: Basic gardening tasks everyone should know

July 04, 2023      Turf Tips

Gardening is not only beneficial for our mental health and well-being, but it’s also a great form of exercise. Furthermore, with a little care and attention, our gardens can become a peaceful sanctuary for us to enjoy. But after a cold winter, how can you look after your garden to create your very own Eden? Well, look no further than our 7 gardening tasks to keep your outdoor space in tip-top condition.

Summer lawn care: the ultimate guide for looking after your turf in the heat

July 03, 2023      Summer Tips, Turf Tips

Trimmed borders, vibrant flowerbeds and luscious green grass make the perfect setting for kids to play, relaxed afternoons or BBQ hosting during the summer months. But how can you ensure your turf is in top condition to survive the heat?

How To Fix Dry Grass And Brown Spots On Your Lawn

June 21, 2023      Summer Tips

We hate the thought of our customers looking out onto their gorgeous green grass and being shocked by dry, brown patches in the middle of the lawn. Where did they spring from? It’s natural to assume your turf has died, but before you start grieving for your grass, it’s important to check whether the dry patch is dead or just dormant. For the latter, the secret is knowing how to revive it!

How Does Rain Affect The Laying of Turf?

June 21, 2023      Turf Tips

Although rain brings a lot of benefits to our gardens (and saves us the task of watering), when it comes to completing jobs outside, rain can really put a dampener on things. But if you’ve booked out time to lay your new George Davies turf, and the weather takes a turn….

How Do I keep Birds from Eating My Grass Seed?

June 04, 2023      Seed Tips

Birds will naturally be drawn to soft fruits as well as suitable seeds and grains like Nyjer, millet, oats, and sunflower seeds over grass seeds. By placing these treats around the perimeter of your lawn, you will give them something else to snack on and distract them from your newly sowed lawn.

How to create a wildflower area within your garden

May 31, 2023     

There was a time when referring to a ‘wild’ garden was often a dig at the not-so-green-fingered homeowner. When they left their lawn to overgrow with long grass, weeds and a menagerie of wildflowers.

Do Weeds Grow Through Bark?

May 22, 2023     

Spring is in full swing right now, with fewer frosty mornings, cherry blossom emerging, bumblebees coming out to play and a chorus of chirps and cheeps with every sunrise. Unfortunately, weed growth is also kicking into gear. While there are many different solutions for controlling those pesky weeds, one of the most effective and visually appealing methods is to use bark mulch.

Turf Tips for May

April 27, 2023      Turf Tips

May marks a turning point, with lawn growth accelerating rapidly. The plants are working hard to thrive, and you will no doubt want to ensure your garden is getting ready for summer. So, can you pick up speed during May and create the luscious lawn you long for?

We’re finalists for top national business award

April 24, 2023     

The BizX Awards are among the most prestigious in the country, which meant we were up against hundreds of businesses UK-wide for ‘Best Service Based Business’ and ‘Best Customer Service’.

How is Turf Made?

April 04, 2023     

Nothing quite transforms an outdoor space than a lush and vibrant lawn, which can reinvigorate the most barren of spaces. Adding natural shades of green to your outdoor space can make you feel closer to nature, which ultimately soothes stress and boosts your mood… but what’s the process if you require a full lawn makeover, or just want to nurture your existing lawn to full health?

George Davies Turf crowned winner in local awards

March 24, 2023     

Our George Davies Turf team beat off tough competition to win ‘Best Customer Service’ in the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards 2023  (MKBAA) on Thursday 23rd March.

Can Turf be Laid in The Rain?

March 13, 2023     

British weather during spring can be relatively mixed. Temperatures gradually rise, but there is no guarantee we will not experience a shower or two. What does this mean for people looking to lay turf? Generally, it’s absolutely fine to lay turf on a rainy day, you just need to make sure you’ve done your soil preparation before you order your turf, you have laying boards to work from, and a coat!

How soon can I use my new lawn?

March 06, 2023      Turf Tips

We get it – when you see that final roll of turf laid out, completing your lawn or the last part of your landscaping project, all you want to do is run around and celebrate on it! But with fresh new turf, this is the last thing you should be doing.

How does sunlight help my lawn?

February 20, 2023      Spring Tips

Turf is a living organism and like all plants, it needs regular water, nutrients, and sunshine to survive and thrive. Ideally, grass should soak up 4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day but with the unpredictable UK weather, this isn’t always consistent! It’s also dependent on your type of turf and its purpose.

GDT through to the finals in a local awards programme for our ‘exceptional customer service’.

February 06, 2023     

George Davies Turf is up against four other local businesses for ‘Best Customer Service’ in the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards 2022 (MKBAA) and the winners are set to be announced at a prestigious ceremony on 23rd March 2023.

Can I Put Topsoil Down in Winter?

February 02, 2023     

It can be easy to overlook your garden during the winter months. Many of us are spending more time indoors, but that doesn’t mean our outdoor spaces have to suffer. Winter is the perfect time to give your lawn extra love and attention by laying down quality, nutrient-rich topsoil. So bundle up, put on those gardening gloves, and give your lawn a much-needed boost, ready for the warmer months ahead.

How do I look after my turf?

January 31, 2023      Turf Tips

A lovely-looking lawn doesn’t come from simply mowing or watering your grass when the weather is warm. It takes a lot of TLC throughout the year. Your turf is impacted every month, whether it’s heavy rainfall, high footfall, drought or frost. So, it’s important to keep an eye on your turf and know what to do to look after it, but also when to do it.

How Do I Measure My Lawn?

January 12, 2023      Turf Tips

When it’s time to update your lawn, where do you start? You know you want high-quality turf and have found a great supplier with George Davies Turf, but how many rolls of turf do you need to order to complete your project? Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no set formula. But there are easy ways to accurately measure the different types of lawns which this article will talk you through.

Does Frequent Mowing Thicken Grass?

January 11, 2023     

A lush, thick lawn with rich shades of green can breathe life into any garden or landscape, attracting more wildlife while bringing new sights and smells into your garden. A well-maintained lawn will also provide a safe place for children and pets to enjoy the outdoors, but how can you keep your lawn fresh, thick and vibrant? Many believe that the key to success is constant mowing, but is this true?

George Davies Turf shortlisted for local awards

December 21, 2022     

George Davies Turf has been shortlisted along with five other local businesses for ‘Best Customer Service’ in the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards 2022 (MKBAA).

Maintaining demand and exceptional service during extraordinary challenges

December 15, 2022     

The turf industry has been incredible in these unprecedented times, but we now need to pull together towards innovation and survival.

The last two years have been extremely challenging for the turf industry and for the growers especially who have experienced some of the toughest of hurdles. From extreme droughts, to soaring temperatures, the pressure to produce continuously strong, green turf all year round has taken its toll.

Buying and laying new turf during winter

December 08, 2022      Winter Tips

As Christmas draws closer and our to-do lists become longer than Santa’s, buying new turf  for your garden or landscaping project might not seem like a priority. However, the winter season is actually a prime time for buying, ordering and relaying turf. This article explains the benefits of why you should buy turf in the winter and how you can invest now, for a fantastic looking spring garden next year.

Can Fertilising Turf in Winter Help?

December 05, 2022     

We’ve had a relatively mild start to winter, but as temperatures begin to plunge, you may start experiencing winter die-back, often a result of sunlight and airflow being significantly reduced. Rather than accepting sparse growth and already conceding to an unhealthy lawn when spring rolls around next year, there are plenty of proactive measures you can take.

Announcing our new charity partnership

December 01, 2022     

We have announced a new charity partnership which aims to raise thousands of pounds to help children in East Africa escape a life of poverty.

Our Debut Exhibit At Futurescape 2022

November 25, 2022     

You may have spotted on our socials recently that on the 16th and 17th November, the George Davies Turf team visited and showcased at Futurescape 2022 – and we had an absolute blast! Hosted at ExCel London, Futurescape is the UK’s largest landscape expo and trade event for the horticultural industry. As the Landscapers’ Choice, we were extremely excited to be involved for the very first time.

We are at FutureScape Expo 2022

November 14, 2022     

FutureScape Expo is the must attended landscaping event in the UK. This event is held for two days filled with some of the biggest names in the Landscaping industry. The FutureScape exhibition will take place on 15-16 November 2022 at ExCeL London.

Artificial Lawn Care Tips For Winter

November 04, 2022     

With the weather turning cold and the nights drawing in, now is the time to start thinking about giving your artificial lawn a little extra care to help it look its best throughout the winter months. In this article, we’ll guide you through our top tips for keeping your artificial lawn looking its best, even in the midst of harsh weather!

Halloween Garden Ideas

October 27, 2022     

With autumn coming to an end, we wanted to celebrate the spookiest season of the year before putting our gardens to bed for winter. To get you into the supernatural spirit of things, we’ve pulled together 7 spooky Halloween garden ideas to decorate your outdoor space. 

Rented Property Garden Ideas

October 18, 2022     

We understand it might be tricky to make roots in a rental property; you don’t know how long you’ll be there, or you’re unsure what you can and can’t change. But if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, no matter the size, there are so many benefits that come with making the most of your own personal Eden.

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

October 10, 2022     

As the nights begin to draw in and the temperature drops, it’s time to start examining your lawn – and after the summer we’ve just had, there may be some obvious signs of wear-and-tear. Even the best-maintained lawn may appear a little fatigued after everything nature has thrown at it this year. Fortunately, you can take plenty of practical steps to help your lawn recover and improve health, ready for the cold weather and possible snowfall.

Celebrating turning 21 with a spectacular party

September 26, 2022     

Turning 21 is no easy feat for any business, which is why we chose to celebrate our milestone George Davies Turf business birthday with the most spectacular evening of food, fun, music and fireworks!

Convoy in the Park

September 08, 2022     

A huge part of George Davies Turf’s success is down to the vehicles that allow us to swiftly deliver fresh turf from site to garden. It’s been quite a journey and transformation for our team on wheels; from George’s Peugeot 306 and trailer back in 2001, to a whole fleet of Scania trucks. So, it was extremely exciting for us to appear at one of the UK’s biggest truck shows! 

When Should I Apply Top Dressing to My Lawn?

September 05, 2022     

When nurturing a healthy lawn, top dressing is a crucial part of the equation. It’s the process of applying a mix of mix of topsoil, compost, and fine sand to the surface of your lawn. Ideally, the top dressing should closely match the composition of your existing soil, matching your rootzone profile. If you’re not familiar with top dressing, don’t worry – we’ll take a closer look at how you can do it and why it promotes a healthy, green and luscious lawn.

Our new app promises more speed and efficiency for busy landscapers

August 29, 2022     

We’re continuing to celebrate our milestone 21st business birthday with the launch of a new app and the promise of more speed and efficiency for landscapers and gardeners – coming soon!

Reflecting on our George Davies Turf business birthday success

August 22, 2022     

Many people don’t know our backstory, but our founder and owner first started out in business trading from the back of his trailer! George Davies Turf has since reached new heights to become the largest independent supplier of turf in the UK, and we have been reflecting on the incredible journey as we prepare to celebrate our milestone 21st anniversary.

Same George, New Look!

August 22, 2022     

As a treat for our 21st Birthday we thought George Davies Turf deserved a new facelift. Whilst we’ve been ordering and delivering turf as normal, in the background we’ve been busy making big changes. We wanted to ensure we were offering a seamless service for our customers, along with a consistent and recognisable look from our website and online presence, to our staff uniforms and delivery lorries. Showcasing who George Davies Turf really is as well as the great products and dedicated service we offer to everyone.

What Does it Mean When Grass is Dormant?

August 16, 2022     

Like all of us, grass and plants struggle with the heat, especially when there’s a lack of water. The first half of this year has officially been the driest since 1976; receiving only a fifth of the rainfall we’d usually expect. Which essentially means we’ve missed out on 2-3 months worth of rain. A visible reaction to this is that our lawns start to look more like the Sahara Desert rather than the rainforest green we’d prefer. So why has our grass changed colour?

Autumn Turfing Tips for the Garden

August 03, 2022     

As autumn approaches, we begin to think differently about our garden and how we plan to use it. And here are some of our tips –

Preparing The Garden For The Summer Holidays

July 05, 2022     

We’ve been fortunate to enjoy plenty of sunshine recently, but with long days here to stay and hopefully several months of warm weather, many people will be considering their final gardening and landscaping tasks before summer really kicks into gear.

Turfing Tips During The Heat

June 01, 2022      Summer Tips

We’ve always made it clear that turf can be laid all year round, providing the ground conditions are appropriate. Therefore, hot and humid summer days can make the process of laying a turf a little trickier, but with a little extra care and attention, you’ll be nurturing a fresh new lawn in no time.

Laying The Groundwork Down for Summer | Summer Prep Tips

May 04, 2022      Summer Tips

We’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed some warm weather and bright sunshine already in 2022, but with summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to start laying the groundwork for the perfect lawn.

Don’t Let The April Showers Deter You From a New Lawn!

April 05, 2022      Turf Tips

The entire UK averages ten days of rain or snow in April, but there’s also usually plenty of sunshine, hence the saying “April showers bring May flowers”. 

Millboard Trip Wednesday 16th March.

April 01, 2022      Millboard

MARCH 16TH 2022 MARKED ANOTHER FIRST FOR GEORGE DAVIES TURF; WE TOOK A GROUP ENTHUSIASTIC, SKILLED AND MOTIVATED LANDSCAPERS TO MILLBOARD HQ IN COVENTRY. Millboard is market leading, high value product and you want it to be installed by someone who knows what they are doing. How do you find someone who feels comfortable installing a premium product and producing the kind of finish that product demands? You find yourself an Approved Installer! 

Top Tips on Creating a Stunning Spring Garden

March 03, 2022      Spring Tips

There’s no need to wait for the warm weather to start enjoying your garden. Whether you’re looking to revitalise your existing space, introduce colourful plants, attract local wildlife or make a vegetable garden from scratch, we’ve outlined a few tips to help you create a beautiful spring garden.

How to prevent my lawn from being waterlogged

February 23, 2022      Turf Tips

Whether you’ve just moved into a new build home and have a mud bath for a rear garden, or you’ve seen your once healthy lawn waste away over a number of months or years, becoming lumpy and patchy in areas, it’s time to assess your situation, see where problems are occurring and make improvements. To begin, let us run through a few of the main reasons why you may have not been able to grow a vibrant green and luscious lawn.

Caring For Your Millboard: Tips on Looking After Decking

February 04, 2022      Millboard

Millboard composite decking uses unique resin materials for premium performance. As the world’s only hand-moulded polyurethane wood-alternative decking, homeowners love the fact they can replicate the beauty of natural timber without any of its inherent flaws.

New Year, New Garden – Put the wheels in motion this January

January 03, 2022     

As we are now into the new year, now is the perfect time to start considering your gardening resolutions, starting the new year on the front foot.

Get Yourself a New Lawn for Christmas!

December 03, 2021     

As the festive season kicks into gear and the Artic chill arrives, many people brave the colder weather and carry out the final garden maintenance tasks of the year. Things such as collecting fallen leaves, moving furniture indoors and mowing long grass to allow the lawn to breathe. That said, December is not necessarily a bad month for bigger tasks. Many people will have heard that you cannot or should not lay turf during winter, but this is nothing more than a myth.

Why Does My Lawn Need Seeding & Fertilising?

October 29, 2021      Seed Tips

Here at George Davies Turf, we’re often asked whether a combination of lawn seed and fertiliser will deliver impressive results, particularly for people looking to thicken up thin areas and create a vibrant and luscious lawn.

Making Your Lawn Work For You In The Autumn

September 21, 2021      Autumn Tips

In the Autumn, it’s important to attend to your turf as much as you can. Find out how after a long, hot summer, keeping up appearances is vital for both you and your clients!

Can You Lay Turf Over Turf?

September 07, 2021      Turf Tips

It is possible to lay new turf on top of old grass; however, you’re not going to achieve the best possible result. Therefore, we highly recommend you never lay fresh turf on top of old turf; otherwise, your lawn’s condition will deteriorate over time as the old grass dies. There are plenty of other reasons why you shouldn’t lay new turf on top, and we’ve touched on some of the key points below.

Can Weeds Grow Within Artificial Turf?

August 03, 2021      Turf Tips

Some common maintenance issues can still exist, such as having weeds grow through the turf; however, this can be prevented with correct surface preparation. Click to read more

Covid-19 July 21 Update

July 20, 2021     

Following the Government’s announcement to remove all restrictions as from the 19th July 2021, we have decided that in the best interests of our staff and our customers we shall be carrying on with our procedures until further notice 

Our Top Tips on Laying Turf During Warmer Climates

July 12, 2021      Turf Tips, Winter Tips

Here at George Davies Turf, we’re often asked when the best time of year to lay turf is. Truth is that turf can be laid at any point in the year, even in Winter. However, if you’re looking to lay turf in the summer (as we find ourselves in now), then extra care will most certainly need to be given. 

Turf Tips for June 21

June 09, 2021      Turf Tips

On average in the UK, June is the sunniest month of the year, and we’ve already had a bright start, with above-average temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

Turf Tips for April

April 06, 2021      Turf Tips

April is an ideal month for repairing any damage to your lawn. If you’ve spotted a few bare patches or odd spots that desperately need some TLC, it’s time to bring your “A” game with a medley of tasks, such as feeding, mowing, seeding and aerating.

Turf Tips for March

March 03, 2021      Turf Tips

February has felt like May at times, especially over the past week — with parts of England “hotter than Barcelona and Rome”. It’s easy to get carried away as we enter March with the feeling of spring in the air; however, there will still be some frosty weather ahead, especially in the mornings. The tips below are essential if you’re looking to keep your lawn fresh and healthy as the weather and daylight hours gradually increase throughout March.

Can I Lay Turf in February

February 02, 2021      Turf Tips

February is generally a quiet month for lawn care, with the weather likely to remain very cold. That said, there are still some important actions to keep in mind, especially if you are looking to lay turf.

January Turf Tips

January 13, 2021      Turf Tips

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, it’s certainly not the start of the year that we all anticipated — or hoped for. Yet, with people across the UK staying home, it’s perhaps more important than ever to spend time in your garden and improve your outdoor space right now, because in turn, it can boost your mental and physical health, whilst ensuring your garden is ready to flourish when springtime rolls around.

Covid 19 Update – Jan 21

January 05, 2021     

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening [4th January] we have been seeking further clarification from the UK Government about the status of businesses like ours, and if necessary, how we could operate within the Government guidelines.

Turf Tips for December

December 07, 2020      Turf Tips, Winter Tips

Gardening can play an essential role in improving mental and physical health, especially during the wintertime when it’s all too easy to remain cooped up inside.

Top Turfing Tips for November

November 09, 2020      Autumn Tips, Turf Tips

There is no certainty with the weather, but many people believe that November is destined to be a difficult month because of falling temperatures and the amount of rainfall.

Covid-19 Update November 20

November 02, 2020     

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday evening [31st October] we have been seeking further clarification from the UK Government about the status of businesses like ours, and if necessary, how we could operate within the Government guidelines.

Let’s get in the garden for half term and bring the kids!

October 20, 2020     

The last couple of weeks have been miserable and wet. So hopefully we get to enjoy a dry week to be back outside.

With the half term upon us, having some time at home with the kids. We don’t want to get to next spring after the cold and wet winter weather and realise everything is dead. Autumn has arrived and leaves are starting to fall everywhere making the garden look untidy. To stop this from happening we have put together a few things to do to maintain your garden. Keeping it nice and clean ready for spring next year.

Planning For Autumn – Turf Tips

September 01, 2020      Autumn Tips

Autumn is considered the best time of year to keep a close eye on your turf. Temperatures are dropping, there is less exposure to the sun, but the turf is still warm. Rain is steady, and competition from pesky weeds is at the lowest point after summer.

Branches now open for delivery and limited collection

May 26, 2020     

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday [23rd March] we have been seeking further clarification from the UK Government about the status of businesses like ours, and if necessary, how we could operate within the Government guidelines.

Some Recent Testimonials

May 26, 2020     

As you know, its been a really tough few months across the UK for families and businessess due to the extent of the CoronaVirus pandemic. Here at George Davies Turf, we kept our doors open and went about our business in a safe manner. And we’d like to thank those that stuck with us during this time. Here are a few comments and testimionals we’ve recieved over the past few months.

Branches Open For Delivery Service Only – COVID 19

March 27, 2020     

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening [23rd March] we have been seeking further clarification from the UK Government about the status of businesses like ours, and if necessary, how we could operate within the Government guidelines.

Covid 19 – We at GDT Are Here To Help

March 19, 2020     



Is Your Turf Stressed?

March 02, 2020      Turf Tips

We all know that weather can affect a person’s mood and stress level, especially when it’s wet and cold outside. But just as people get stressed out, so do lawns.

New Year, New Turf

December 23, 2019      Turf Tips

As we near the dawn of a new decade, it’s natural to contemplate the many changes you’d like to make to your home, garden or lifestyle in 2020. At George Davies Turf, we find that the New Year period is especially busy, mostly on the residential front, with many homeowners taking action to tick ‘new turf’ off their to-do list, so that their garden is green and beautiful for the spring and summer months.

Its Not Just Puppies That Are for Christmas!

November 28, 2019      Winter Tips

It now seems rather common for people to invest in a new lawn for Christmas, and we’re again widely expecting turf sales to ramp up as we approach Christmas Day. 

Can You Lay Turf in Autumn?

October 29, 2019      Autumn Tips, Turf Tips

As we’re now very much into the Autumn season, one of the common questions we get is can turf be laid during the October / November months. The answer may surprise you, as the common consensus is that turf is usually laid under warmer climates, however with more moist conditions and less humidity – Autumn is indeed an ideal time to lay Turf!

Why should homeowners consider shade resistant turf

October 04, 2019      Turf Tips

The rise in urbanisation is having an effect on our daily lives, especially those in major UK cities like London and Manchester. In terms of sheer numbers, the fastest growing city centre was London, which grew from 268,700 to 327,200. Other than the obvious effects such as an increase in congestion, overcrowded living conditions, higher house prices and added pressure on food supply system, there is also another niggling problem that’s occurring in many gardens; too much shade.

What is Millboard?

July 29, 2019      Millboard

Millboard is a stunning, low maintenance alternative to natural wood decking. Handmade in the UK and styled on real oak timbers, it’s indistinguishable from the real deal. Millboard is a type of composite decking which means it’s less slippery than timber and has a wider variety of textures and finishes – making this a practical, stylish and durable choice to landscape your garden.

How Often Should You Water New Turf?

May 02, 2019      Turf Tips

Once you’ve prepared your ground and laid your new turf, the trickiest job is now complete. You finally have a very luscious new lawn that will impress your visitors, adding style and character to your garden. That said, before you get too carried away and invite your friends round for a barbecue, it’s important you understand the next steps to ensure your lawn not only survives but thrives! So how many times a day must water you water new turf?

Let The Preparation Begin!

March 22, 2019      Spring Tips

Spring is a really good time to get your garden looking great ahead of the warmer summer months so that you can kick back with a beer and enjoy the fruits of your labour, rather than wishing you had done more earlier.

March Calendar Tips

March 11, 2019     

Each year we have to approach how we care for our lawns in a way that suits how the weather is behaving, it is no good to have a wall chart with recommendations that we follow “whatever” the weather is doing.

Is it too early to talk about spring?

March 01, 2019      Seed Tips, Spring Tips

Spring is a really good time to get your garden looking great ahead of the warmer summer months so that you can kick back with a beer and enjoy the fruits of your labour, rather than wishing you had done more. So, what should you be thinking about in terms of lawncare?

Feeding and Fertilising – Five Key Points

February 18, 2019      Seed Tips, Spring Tips, Turf Tips

Feeding and fertilising are really important parts of the standard lawn care routine; they’re like the bread and butter of ensuring that your turf is healthy and thriving. They should form part of your lawncare routine all year round but when the weather begins to turn as we head towards spring it becomes particularly important. So, what are five of the ‘need to knows’ when it comes to feeding and fertilising?

Artificial Turf – A Popular Alternative

January 25, 2019      Product Spotlight, Turf Tips

Although artificial turf doesn’t provide you with the ‘real grass’ feel, the major differences do mostly stop there. There are many advantages that make this such a popular, sought after alternative, so why might our artificial turf be the perfect solution for you?

Your New Year Plans

January 18, 2019     

We’ve said goodbye to the festive season for another year and it’s back to reality with a bump. You may be feeling some of the dreaded January blues but it’s also a good time to start planning for the year ahead, including what you’re going to be doing with your outside space.

Moyers Wins Walter Hayes Trophy….Again!!

December 18, 2018     

Back in November reigning Walter Hayes Trophy Champion, Michael Moyers, successfully retained the title, becoming one of only 3 people to have ever won the event more than once since it began in 2004.

Product Spotlight: Bark Mulch/Chippings

December 17, 2018      Product Spotlight

As you may or may not know, we also sell a range of other products that can aid you in taking care of your turf and other parts of your garden. One of these is bark mulch/ chippings which can be used throughout your garden/ outdoor space in a few different ways; we’ve explored some of these within this article.

Can You Lay Turf In Winter?

November 30, 2018      Turf Tips, Winter Tips

In-fact there are many advantages to doing so, you just need ensure you are fully ready and prepped! We’ve outlined a few keys facts below.

The Calm After The Storm?

March 09, 2018     

If you live in the UK, chances are you will have been battered by some adverse weather recently. So now that the snow has mostly melted and the winds have calmed (somewhat), how can you get your lawn ship shape and your spring maintenance back on track?

Types of Turf – What’s the difference?

February 23, 2018      Product Spotlight

When it comes to turf, it’s not just a case of natural or artificial; there are actually several different types of turf that we offer to our customers. Depending on what it is you are exactly looking for, and the environment you are looking to put it on will make a difference in the type of turf you should be buying, and it can be confusing.

Rain, Rain – Go Away!

February 09, 2018     

Whilst a nasty rainfall doesnt provide the greatest motivation to actually get stuck into the gardening, it certainly doesnt mean you can’t do anything out there.

Top Tips for Top Soil

January 26, 2018      Soil Tips

We’ve explored our top tips when it comes to Topsoil and other soil products so that you know exactly what you’re getting and how to use it.

New Year, New Garden?

January 12, 2018     

Is now the time to start thinking about giving your garden a makeover ready for summer? Here at George Davies Turf we are not only purveyors of the finest turf in the Home Counties, but we also provide several other outstanding products that will aid you in sprucing up your garden. 

Artificial Turf in the Winter Time

December 18, 2017      Turf Tips, Winter Tips

Taking care of artificial grass is a different ball game, so to speak, and therefore you need to be armed with the right information to make sure you’re maintaining yours correctly, especially during months with harsher weather.

Top Tips for Turf Laying in the Winter

December 01, 2017      Turf Tips, Winter Tips

It’s a common misconception that you cannot or should not lay turf during winter. Providing that you have properly prepared the soil and the ground isn’t frozen, there’s no reason why you can’t lay turf during the winter.

Winter Wonders: 3 Questions You May be Asking

November 17, 2017      Winter Tips

Apart from starting to brave the shops to get through your dreaded Christmas list, you may also be wondering what you need to do for your lawn as we move through this colder time of year.

How Much Turf Do I Need

November 10, 2017      Turf Tips

This is a question George Davies Turf are often asked, but fortunately, by taking down a few measurements you can soon find out exactly how many rolls you need, so you’ll never have to worry about being one or two rolls short when it comes to laying the turf.

The Low Down on Lawn Blisters

November 03, 2017     

You may have seen a viral news story a few weeks ago about a man in Pennsylvania called James Callender, who encountered several ‘bubbles’ of trapped water within his lawn – these are known as ‘Lawn Blisters’.

Top Soil – What is all the fuss about?

October 20, 2017      Product Spotlight, Soil Tips

How can Topsoil help you and why should you be buying it?

Autumn Leaves, Autumn Lawns

October 06, 2017      Autumn Tips

The balmy summer days are gone and it’s time to start wrapping up and keeping warm. But what does the change in seasons mean for your lawn?

5 Reasons You Should Choose George Davies

September 22, 2017     

We’re exceptionally proud of the products that we sell, but why should George Davies Turf Ltd be your number one choice when it comes to turf?

Artificial Turf – What is All The Fuss About?

September 08, 2017     

At George Davies Turf, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality products, and this is no different when it comes to our artificial turf. 

Striping Your Lawn – What are the basics?

August 25, 2017     

Having perfectly mown stripes on your lawn is a quintessential, classic look for your garden, as well as being featured on tennis courts, football pitches and other sports grounds. But how does it work?

Lawn fungus treatment – How to get rid of fungi in my garden?

August 11, 2017     

So you’ve spent time and money on buying and laying your new turf and other bits to make your garden the envy of all your friends and now disaster has struck – you have found mushrooms growing amongst your beautiful lawn!

Laying Turf In The Summer – What should you be thinking about?

July 27, 2017      Summer Tips, Turf Tips

Despite the heavy rainfall of the last week, we are technically in the midst of British summertime so when we do get the occasional glimpse of sunshine, why not spend some time updating and taking care of your garden?

There is so much more to our business than just turf

July 19, 2017      Turf Tips

Not only are we purveyors of the finest turf in the Home Counties, here at George Davies Turf we also stock various other products that can aid you in taking care of your turf and other parts of your garden.

Preparing Your Lawn For A Garden Party

June 30, 2017      Turf Tips

Whether it be a simple BBQ with friends, a raucous birthday celebration or even a wedding reception, it’s important to remember that after these kind of events there may be some damage to your lawn, particularly from the extra feet and furniture. The good news is that there are a few steps you can follow in order to prepare your garden for this.

3 Potential Problems…and the solutions!

June 15, 2017      Turf Tips

Whether it be the intervention of Mother Nature or an unforeseen roadblock that you just didn’t plan for, from time to time there may be issues that arise during your turf journey that may cause you to panic. However, there are simple solutions to the most common problems that can arise with turf…

More Mow, More Show! – The Importance of Mowing

June 02, 2017      Summer Tips, Turf Tips

We thought it would be a good time to have a look over some of the basics and key facts that you should be armed with when it comes to mowing and maintaining your perfect lawn.

Turf Wars: Artificial vs. Natural

May 19, 2017      Product Spotlight, Turf Tips

Whilst we stock various product lines here at GDT, from Millboard decking to topsoils and fertilisers , turf will always remain our flagship item and primary passion. Over the years, we have noticed an increase in demand for artificial grass too, so it’s a really good thing that we sell both! It’s difficult to perform a side by side comparison as there are many reasons for using both but nonetheless it’s important to be able to recognise the positives and negatives for both artificial and natural turf so that you can make the right decision when buying. So what are the key strengths and weaknesses of each that you should bear in mind?

Quality Turf – What should you be looking out for?

May 05, 2017      Turf Tips

Here at George Davies Turf there are two key things on which we pride ourselves – great quality service and great quality products. So how do you know whether the turf you have received or are looking to buy is a quality product? 

8 quirky facts you probably didnt know about turf

April 07, 2017      Turf Tips

Turf is a great thing when it comes to transforming an outside area; it can inject fresh life into the most drab gardens and create a shining green landscape across a golf course. Most people think that there isn’t really a lot to the turf itself – beyond the aesthetic appeal of it, what else can a roll (or ten!) of turf really do?..


March 22, 2017      Millboard, Winter Tips

Welcome to the new GDT Turf Blog! We decided it would be a good idea to release fortnightly blog articles, with topics ranging from adverse weather conditions to any new products/ services that you can expect to see from us in the near future. 

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How Much Topsoil Should I Use? 

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