Your New Year Plans


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Your New Year Plans

January 18, 2019     

We’ve said goodbye to the festive season for another year and it’s back to reality with a bump. You may be feeling some of the dreaded January blues but it’s also a good time to start planning for the year ahead, including what you’re going to be doing with your outside space. Is now the time to start thinking about giving your garden a makeover ready for the summer (here’s hoping we have another glorious summer)? Whether you’re looking to do something small to spruce up your garden or you’ve decide it’s time for a major overhaul, here at George Davies Turf we’ve got a wide selection of products that will help you on your way.

Our Turf – Artificial and Natural

Turf is our pride and joy, and will always be our flagship product. We source our turf from several of the best farms across the country to ensure that each and every roll is of the highest possible quality. We always ensure that we provide healthy, high quality turf that will allow our customers to achieve their desired results. Conversely, artificial turf is an elegant solution and can save you a lot of time and grunt work when it comes to maintenance; it’s easy to see why this is becoming a more in-demand product and why we want to ensure that we can provide the best for our customers.

Our Fertiliser

Fertiliser can be a key tool when it comes to helping your turf and your garden thrive. Fortunately applying fertiliser is not a time consuming task – one application can last up to 12 weeks, meaning you won’t have to schedule in hours and hours to keep doing so. Using a fertiliser will increase the strength and growth of your turf, whilst also enriching and enhancing the colour and overall aesthetic appeal of your lawn. Our fertilisers contain magnesium and iron, both of which play a significant part in keeping your turf healthy as they repair any signs of damage and work to improve the overall condition of your lawn. You can see more about our fertilisers here.

Millboard Composite Decking

George Davies Turf are lucky to be one of Millboard’s “Key Distributor Network”, and we’re proud to be one of only a handful of UK companies that supply Millboard Composite Decking, especially as they are known for their industry leading standards and high quality products. These are the pillars the GDT has been built upon so we are glad to have partnered with such a reputable supplier. It is both durable and versatile, making it a fantastic alternative to real wood decking.  Whereas adverse weather conditions can cause real wood decking to warp, damage and even rot, Millboard Composite Decking will stay strong in the face of poor weather – it’s really built to last and it could be a great addition to any garden. It’s available in various different colours and wood effects; you can find out more about the range of Composite Decking we stock here.

Our Topsoils

As with everything we do here at GDT, we like to ensure that our customers are always receiving the best quality products and the best quality service. This is why we source our topsoil from, like us, a family run business in Norfolk. They have been running for more than 40 years and are committed to manufacturing high quality products and are always looking to improve their techniques. The wide range of topsoils that we stock have been carefully developed so that they can pair with our various turf types, as well as being able to enrich the use of the turf itself E.G. the Raised Bed Mix is incredibly versatile and well suited for growing vegetables.

January is a good time to start thinking about the year ahead, meaning you can plan your time effectively and work out exactly what you would like to do over the coming months. Our turf and other associated products can help you to inject new life into your garden.  Any products that we sell have been given George’s seal of approval, meaning they are of the highest quality and are well produced. If you would like more information about any of the products we sell, or advice about what’s best for you and your turf, please take a look at our product selection on the website and do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team – we will be more than happy to assist you.


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