How To Reseed A Lawn In The Spring 


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How To Reseed A Lawn In The Spring 

May 14, 2024     

Post winter, your lawn and garden can look a bit tired and stressed. It’s been through a lot: strong winds, blistering frosts, and continuous downpours. Sometimes, lawns will revive themselves, and you only need to give them a fresh cut to prepare them for spring. However, when some lawns start to wake up, you may notice discolouration, bald patches, or thinning areas within your grass. Rather than replacing your turf, one gardening solution involves reseeding your lawn. 

By effectively using high-quality grass seed, you can help your lawn look strong, thick and healthy once more. When it comes to grass reseeding, Spring is the best time, especially in the UK, as the weather conditions are often perfect: a mix of mild temperatures, regular rain, and longer hours of sunshine! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s spring into seeding. 

Signs Your Lawn Need A Spring Seeding? 

When do you know it’s time to reseed your lawn? The good news is your lawn will tell you when it needs a little help by revealing visual symptoms such as: 

  • Brown patches 
  • Bald patches 
  • Worn or tired-looking grass 
  • Discoloured grass 
  • Thin or damaged sward 

If you notice any of these conditions appearing on your lawn, now’s the time to reseed it and bring back a full, natural, healthy green glow ready for Summer.  

What Are The Ideal Conditions For Seeding Your Lawn? 

To encourage successful seeding, not only do you need to know the right type of grass seed to use and how to use it, but you also need to ensure you reseed in the right weather conditions. Otherwise, you’re completely wasting your time!  

The reason Spring is the most popular time of year to reseed a lawn is because, in the UK, it delivers the ideal weather conditions for fast germination. For the best seeding results, you want: 

  • A mild air temperature of 10°C 
  • Plenty of rain/irrigation  
  • Warm soil around 6-8°C 

What You’ll Need To Reseed Your Lawn 

For the best results when reseeding your lawn, make sure you have everything you need before you begin. You’ll most likely have most of these supplies in your shed, such as: 

How To Reseed Your Lawn 

Once you have all your supplies, reseeding your lawn only requires a few simple steps. We’ve laid them out below for you to reseed your lawn effectively: 

First Step: Prepare Your Soil 

  • If there is live grass, mow it on your lowest setting. 
  • Remove any weeds, moss, thatch, and debris from the area (you can apply a weed killer, but you’ll need to wait a few weeks before reseeding). 
  • Turn over the soil to break up compacted areas whilst improving drainage and aeration. 
  • Rake over the area to create a flat, even surface for your seeds. 
  • Add any fertiliser or topsoil to boost your soil’s essential nutrients. 

Second Step: Sowing Your Seeds 

  • Use your hand to scatter your chosen grass seed evenly. 
  • We recommend approximately 50 grams per square metre, but check the instructions. 
  • Rake the seeds lightly for an even spread. 
  • Gently tread them in to ensure they’re slightly embedded into the soil. 
  • If it’s not raining, water the area, ensuring the soil is thoroughly damp. 

Third Step: Aftercare 

  • Grass seeds take around 8 to 10 days to germinate but around 6 to 8 weeks to grow resilient turf.  
  • During this time, keep your seeds and soil hydrated. 
  • Avoid mowing for at least two weeks and use your highest mowing setting for its first cut. 
  • Keep off your freshly grown grass; this includes pets if you can. 
  • Remove any fallen debris and wash away any animal mess.  

Choosing The Right Grass Seed 

You may already have a particular type of grass within your outdoor space which you want to continue with for consistency. However, if you’ve noticed you’re regularly reseeding your lawn, you might want to consider a more robust grass seed designed to withstand extreme conditions. 

At George Davies Turf, we offer three high-quality grass seeds: 

  1. Seednova Grass Seed – this combines two highly regarded grass seeds: ryegrass and fescue (conveniently. the grass seeds found in our hard-wearing Trident Turf).  
  1. Green Velvet All-Rounder – like the box states, this is a multipurpose seed that encourages thick, strong and healthy grass growth for your lawn. 
  1. Green Velvet The Shady One – carefully formulated for turf struggling to thrive with limited sunshine, such as behind sheds, under trees or in the shadow of buildings.  

How To Reseed A Large Lawn 

The process of reseeding a lawn is essentially the same for small, medium, and large lawns. However, with a bigger area, you might want to consider using a seeding machine such as a spreader with wheels to save you time! Depending on the condition of your lawn, you might even want to start fresh with a brand new George Davies turfwe’ve got a brilliant selection to choose from! 

Speak To The Experts 

Whether you choose to relay fresh turf, switch to artificial turf or try reseeding your entire lawn, we want you to get the best results for your garden. So, for any of your lawn reseeding queries, get in touch with the GDT team today, who are on hand and ready to assist 


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