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Shade Tolerant Turf

AS LOW AS £25.00 PER m2

Do you have a highly shaded area? Are you looking for a low maintenance solution? At George Davies we recommend using our Trident Turf mixed with a quality shady seed so we can help cater to your specific shady requirements please give us a call on 01234 817 150. 

A lawn that is shaded for some of the day will have a very different growth profile to one that is south facing with lots of sunlight. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice lawn under a tree for example or in shaded areas in your garden, you just need to work with it rather than against it. Our Trident Turf provides the perfect base from which to blend your lawn into a shaded area by combining it with our Shade Tolerant Seed Mixture. It will need over seeding and fertilising more regularly than an area under normal conditions.

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Shade Tolerant Turf

If the health of your turf is an issue in shaded areas, Shade Tolerant Turf used to be the solution. This medium texture, low-maintenance turf is grown using grass cultivars that flourish in a shaded environment. That was before, now we found that by blending Trident Turf which contains many of the shady cultivars in it already with our Shade Tolerant shady seed mixture, you can get the same wonderful results at a fraction of the cost. Our Trident Turf is grown for a minimum of 18 months before harvesting, this means it is ideal to paired with a shade tolerant seed mix that can still produce stunning results in shaded lawn areas.

This turf is suitable for use in municipal gardens, shaded landscapes and lawns, all recreational areas and on golf tees and racecourses, due to its hardwearing properties.

Key benefits:

  • Extremely High Shade Tolerance
  • Very aggressive with unique stoloniferous creeping ability
  • Medium texture - grown for 18 months
  • Exceptional wear tolerance due to high shoot density
  • Superb year round colour - impassive to climate change (as long as it is well maintained)
  • Drought tolerant
  • Requires less fertilizer but little and often


  • It has a sideways root growth (rather than downwards) which means that it requires regular watering.  If in a shaded tree area, the regular watering can often be absorbed by the trees instead of the grass so is not always the best solution to a shaded tree area.
  • If not correctly maintained the turf may turn yellow in the winter months.