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Welcome to our FAQs page

Below are some of the questions we are regularly asked, and we hope we have provided some answers for you.  If you need more assistance however, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Access is tight or limited on my road will you still deliver?
  • Can I cancel my delivery?
  • Can I pick a delivery day?
  • Can I specify a time for my delivery?
  • Can you crane goods over my fence?
  • Can you deliver onto my driveway?
  • Do I have to be home when the delivery is made?
  • Do you charge for delivery?
  • Do you deliver on Saturdays or Sundays?
  • Does the price include delivery and VAT?
  • How is Topsoil or Bark delivered?
  • How much does delivery cost?
  • How much notice do I need to give for delivery?
  • How wide is one of your Manitou Forklifts that delivers my turf or topsoil?
  • I need just a couple of rolls of Trident Turf, can you drop it off next time you're passing?
  • I'm going to miss my delivery, what will happen?
  • My delivery is late, what can I do?
  • What delivery slots do you offer?
  • What sort of vehicle will my delivery come on?
  • Why is the delivery slot I would like unavailable?
  • Will I be contacted before my delivery?


  • Are the bulk bags returnable?
  • Are the pallets returnable?
  • Can I add to an existing order?
  • Can I just turn up and buy Turf?
  • Can I lay new turf next to old turf?
  • Can I return unused Turf?
  • Can you collect anything we don't use?
  • Do I need to apply new topsoil when laying a new lawn?
  • Do you have a minimum order?
  • Does the Topsoil meet British Standard BS 3882:2015?
  • How big is a roll of Turf?
  • How can I work out how much Topsoil or Turf I need for my project?
  • How much soil is in a bulk bag?
  • Should I use topsoil or compost?
  • What do I do with the pallet?
  • What size Artificial Turf can I buy?
  • Where is it from?


  • Can I get a refund?
  • Can I pay cash on delivery?
  • How long does a refund take?
  • Will I receive an invoice or receipt?

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