How do I measure my lawn?


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How Do I Measure My Lawn?

January 12, 2023      Turf Tips

When it’s time to update your lawn, where do you start? You know you want high-quality turf and have found a great supplier with George Davies Turf, but how many rolls of turf do you need to order to complete your project? Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no set formula. But there are easy ways to accurately measure the different types of lawns which this article will talk you through.

how to measure my lawn


To figure out how many rolls of turf are required, you need to know the size of the space you’re covering. You can then use our Turf Calculator to figure out the total about of turf required. Our turf calculator allows you to measure in metres, feet or yards – whichever unit you prefer. But how you measure the size of your lawn will vary from shape to shape.

  • Measuring Square or Rectangular Lawns

This is the most common lawn shape and an easy one to measure. Simply start by measuring the width and length of your lawn. You then multiply the width by the length to get the area in square metres.

  • Measuring Circular Lawns

Here, you’ll need to measure the lawn at its widest part (the diameter), then divide the answer by 2 to get the radius. Next, multiply the radius by itself and then by pi (which is 3.14). The formula looks like this: radius x radius x 3.14

  • Measuring Triangular Lawns

There is an easy formula for triangular lawns which is: width x height / 2

Start by measuring the longest side and then the height of the triangle. Next, multiply the longest side by the height of the triangle and divide the answer by 2.

  • Measuring Curvy Lawns

With these types of lawns, it’s always best to draw up a plan of the area, divide it into sections and measure each section. You can then calculate the area of each section separately and add them all together to get the total amount of turf needed.

How to measure Video

George Davies wanted to give you a thorough but easy to follow, step-by-step guide, showing you how to measure your project before getting turf.

He breaks it down for the different types of gardens above.

So, check out the video below!


Our rolls of turf measure 1.65m x 0.61m wide, which works out to 1 square metre per roll. This makes it quite easy when calculating how many rolls of turf your need for your project. We do recommend adding 5% to the final measurement to cover any amendments, shaping and cutting overlap.


Once you have measured your lawn in metres, feet or yards, our handy Turf Calculator makes it easy to figure out how many rolls of turf you need to order. Simply select your measurement units, choose your lawn shape, and add in your measurements to calculate your total amount.


Whether it’s an existing garden lawn you’re refreshing or creating a whole new plot of grass, we can help you calculate the correct turf requirements for any landscaping project. Get in touch with our friendly team today, who can answer any of your queries.


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