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The Benefits of Choosing Millboard Decking for Your Spring Projects

January 26, 2024     

If you’re looking for a high-quality, stylish and low-maintenance deck for Spring, then Millboard Decking is the perfect choice. A brilliant and versatile alternative to wooden decking, Millboard is perfect for decking, but can also be used for steps, seating and planters. Perfect for homes and businesses, we strongly suggest it when discussing landscaping projects with our customers.  

Millboard decking is stunning, styled on real oak timbers, and is all handmade in the UK. Millboard composite decking offers an extensive range of textures and finishes, providing a practical, stylish, and durable option. 

A Millboard deck, compared to wooden decking has plenty of practical and time-saving benefits. Explore below the advantages of Millboard beyond its aesthetic appeal, style, and durability. Learn why a growing number of our customers prefer it for their landscaping projects.  

Maintenance Free  

Millboard decking needs less maintenance than wood decking, making it a popular choice for our customers. Millboard does not weather and keeps its appearance and performance intact over time. In contrast, wood decking can warp, splinter, rot, and lose its original appeal. 

Expansion is a problem with natural wood, but not with Millboard. This means you won’t have to spend money on repairs, and you’ll have a smoother, safer surface over time.  

Durable, stain-resistant and long-lasting  

Millboard decking is highly durable and resistant to various elements such as light, moisture, stains, mould, algae, and impacts. This makes it the ideal choice for decking. Not only is it durable, but it is also stain-resistant. Accidents happen and we have heard plenty of horror stories about wine, food and animal faeces permanently staining wooden decking. With Millboard, there is no need to panic. Quickly remove the stain with soap and a cloth or brush to avoid future issues.  

Our boards require minimal maintenance, therefore reducing the need to use potentially harmful cleaners or preservatives. As a building material, Polyurethane has a lifespan of 50 years or more, which not only means demand on global resources decreases, but you get a longer-lasting product that stands the test of time.  

Easy Installation  

Millboard decking installation is easy thanks to its lightweight design. Easily cut with a standard saw blade for custom sizing. For optimal results, we recommend using a carbon-tipped, multi-purpose chop saw.   

The consistent appearance of Millboard composite decking, featuring identical patterned panels, ensures a seamless match when ordering additional quantities. We have a fantastic range of styles and colours to choose from as seen below.  

Stylish and plenty of colour and finish options  

We have a great selection of Millboard styles and colours to suit any personal taste or sized outdoor space, including:  

  • Enhanced Grain – bring the beautiful shade, pattern and finish of prime oak to your garden.  
  • Weathered Oak – a rustic appearance, moulded from 100-year-old reclaimed timber.  
  • Lasta Grip – choose ultra slim panels with integrated slip-resistant strips.  
  • Fascia Boards & Edging Strips – add the final touches to neaten and prolong your decking.  
  • Cladding – expanding Millboard decking attributes to the rest of your exterior.  

Millboard decking


The list of benefits of millboard packaging is extensive. To avoid a mountain of information and text, we’ve broken them down to show you exactly why it is such a popular choice for our customers and their landscaping projects. Additional benefits include:  

  • It’s non-porous, meaning a high resistance to algae growth  
  • Has anti-slip properties  
  • Designed to resist fading and sun damage  
  • Splinter-free; perfect for young children and pets  
  • Easy to clean and maintain  
  • No sanding or staining is ever required!  
  • Lightweight and easier to install  
  • No special tools required  
  • Durability and resistance to weathering  
  • Unlike natural wood, there’s minimal expansion or contraction for a smoother, safer surface  
  • Environmentally friendly  
  • Made in the UK with a low carbon footprint  
  • More colour and finish options  
  • Matching fascia and step edge boards  


Millboard Decking


George Davies Turf was one of the first UK stockist of Millboard and as one of their premier distributors, we’re well-placed to be your supplier of choice. Whether it’s a large order or a one-off box of screws, we can offer a quick turnaround for any requirement. To learn more about Millboard, or to speak to us about your needs, please get in touch


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