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Envello Board & Batten
The Collection

Board and Batten profile is moulded from four individual pieces of timber with different widths and grain patterns, creating a balance for both contemporary and traditional designs. The tongue and groove profile only requires fixings through the tongue, enabling the fixing to be hidden.

Envello Shadow Line
The Collection

Envello Shadow Line cladding board was designed to effortlessly replicate smooth timber with a flat grained finish. The bigger width of the Shadow Line board compared to normal timber boards enables a larger grain detail. Giving a heightened visual impact, without risk of the board twisting or warping with time.

Corners, Trims & Fascia
Dress to make the whole project come together

The corner profiles and fascia boards add distinction to corners of buildings, window reveals, door reveals, soffits and much more. Our trims are specially selected to fit our profile, for a faster and easier install. Also includes the Perforated Closure to aid ventilation and prevent insect infestation.

DuoSpan® / DuoLift®

Decking Components & Materials

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