How Much Does Turf Cost? 


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How Much Does Turf Cost? 

June 05, 2024     

A healthy-looking, well-kept lawn makes all the difference to an outdoor space. Whether it’s a domestic garden, communal area, park, or sports field, that picturesque green grass is what we all aspire for. Not only does it create a dreamy-looking space, but it also helps encourage wildlife and create safe habitats for them. 

Whether you’re starting a garden project or refreshing tiresome turf, new turf can completely transform an outdoor area. But with so many different types of turf, how much does it actually cost to turf a garden? Luckily, there are lots of options to suit every sized project and budget, and this article dives into it all. 

How Much Does Turf Cost? 

It’s important to note early on that the cost of turf can vary depending on the type of turf you desire, the quality of the grass seed, the turf supplier, and the amount of rolls you require. We always recommend doing your research to ensure you’re investing in the correct variant of turf to match your soil type and end purpose. You’ll save time, frustration, and money in the long run if you invest in a high-quality turf that meets your garden project needs from the start.  

When it comes to the different types of turf, the price often reflects the quality of the product, as well as what it’s made from and how it’s been cared for. Here at George Davies Turf, we have five different types of natural turf and six variants of artificial turf to meet your budget. 

Natural turf costs: 

Trident turf – from £3.40 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

Wildflower – from £20 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

Species Rich turf – from £19.50 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

Greens turf – from £8 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

RTF turf – from £7 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

Shade tolerant turf – from £25 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

Artificial turf costs: 

Eco – from £26.50 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

Mira 4m – from £19.50 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

Virgo 4m – from £20 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

Folkstone – from 4m per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

Putting Green – from £25 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

King – from £27.25 per m² (as of 30/05/24) 

How Much Turf Do You Need? 

One significant influence on the cost of turf comes down to the quantity! Obviously, larger lawns will require more turf, whereas smaller spaces may only need a few rolls. This will influence the cost and, perhaps, what type of turf will fit your budget. To figure out the cost of how much turf you require, head to our useful turf calculator; add in the measurements of your lawn, and we’ll figure out the rest! We always recommend adding an extra 5% of turf to your order to cover any mishaps or unusual shapes.  

Save Money; Lay Turf Yourself 

A cost-effective option is, of course, laying turf yourself. Although this takes time and careful planning, it’s a straightforward and successful solution when laying turf is done correctly. Read our helpful step-by-step on how to lay the perfect turf, or watch our video where George guides you through the process. 

Hire A Gardener To Lay Turf 

If you’d prefer an expert to roll out your turf, plenty of experienced gardeners and landscapers can help. Again, please do your research to make sure they’re a reputable business or trader who will ensure a thorough job is completed. When it comes to their costs, consider their time, labour, and VAT alongside the cost of purchasing your turf.  

Additional Turf Costs To Consider 

We want you to have the full picture when it comes to budgeting for new turf. Before you start, make sure you’ve factored in the cost of your time, equipment and extra gardening supplies you may need, as well as:  

  • Turf prices (these can fluctuate depending on external factors) 
  • The amount of turf required (remember to budget for a little extra) 
  • Labour (if using a gardener or landscaper) 
  • Turf laying equipment (such as a turf cutter, garden rake and spade) 
  • Watering (using either a hose, sprinkler or watering can) 

How To Get The Most From Your Turf 

Whether you choose to lay your turf or ask a gardener to help, the aftercare of new turf plays a significant role in successful growth. Once your lawn has been rolled out, here are our top tips to get the most from your turf investment. 

  1. Keep it hydrated – turf is a live product that requires plenty of sunlight, food and water. Make sure the soil is damp but not sodden whilst the grass roots anchor in. 
  1. Avoid walking on it – as tempting as it may be to use your new lawn, allow a couple of weeks for it to secure itself into the soil.  
  1. Don’t mow it – let your grass grow a little to build strength and resilience. After a couple of weeks, move your new turf on a high setting, lowering it over the next few months.  
  1. Keep your pets off – this could be tricky as pets will need to relieve themselves. If they do, be sure to clear and wash the mess away as soon as possible.  

We’ve pulled together our most handy blogs full of top turf tips to ensure your turf results payoff: 

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  3. How to help sunlight get to the roots of your lawn 
  4. How to stop dog urine from ruining your grass 

Speak To The Experts 

If you’re unsure how much turf to order for your gardening project, our friendly team are happy to help. Send us an email or call to discuss your turf options today.  


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