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Putting Green

AS LOW AS £25.00 PER m2

Fancy practicing putting perfection in your garden? Our Putting Green artificial turf replicates a golf course green in your garden. It’s 13mm pile height is omni-directional and is rolled down to 11mm meaning that it is incredibly durable and can be used in any orientation as well as accepting the roll of a golf ball over it naturally. You can speed up or slow down your very own green by adding kiln dried sand to it to change its properties to keep things interesting at home!

Just tell us how much you need using the drop down box below to select the length and increase the Quantity Button for the number of rolls you need at that length.

*When you order more than one cut piece of artificial turf from us we will supply the jointing kit for the pieces free of charge, Online Orders Only*


Putting Green

Introducing our Putting Green artificial turf, perfect for honing your putting skills right in your own backyard. With its 13mm pile height, this turf replicates the lush surface of a golf course green, offering a realistic playing experience. Its omni-directional design, rolled down to 11mm, ensures exceptional durability and versatility, allowing for use in any orientation.

Crafted to mimic the natural roll of a golf ball, this turf provides a true-to-life experience for golf enthusiasts. Want to customise the speed of your green? Simply add kiln-dried sand to adjust its properties and keep your practice sessions exciting and challenging.

Whether you're practicing your short game or hosting friendly putting competitions with family and friends, this turf delivers a true-to-life experience every time. Plus, with the option to customise the speed of your green by adding kiln-dried sand, you can tailor your practice sessions to match your playing conditions. Elevate your golfing experience with George Davies Turf.

Now it's easier than ever to create your very own putting paradise at home. Select your desired length using the dropdown box and increase the quantity button to order multiple rolls. Elevate your golf game and enjoy endless hours of putting perfection with our Putting Green artificial turf from George Davies Turf.


Yarn profile: 13mm rolled over 11mm
4m widths only
Pile Height: 11mm

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