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Discover our new range of Millboard products

May 31, 2024      Millboard

What Is Millboard Decking? 

Millboard is a stunning, low maintenance alternative to natural wood decking. Handmade in the UK and styled on real oak timbers, it’s indistinguishable from the real deal. Millboard is a type of composite decking which means it’s less slippery than timber and has a wider variety of textures and finishes – making this a practical, stylish and durable choice to landscape your garden. 


Shadow Line+ – Our new range of cladding, designed to replicate smooth timber with a flat-grained finish and available in a range of colours. 

Board & Batten+ – Our new range of cladding, designed to add a stylish effect to your exterior walls and is available in a range of colours. 

Enhanced Grain – bring the beautiful shade, pattern and finish of prime oak to your garden. 

Weathered Oak – a rustic appearance, moulded from 100-year-old reclaimed timber. 

Fascia Boards & Edging Strips – add the final touches to neaten and prolong your decking. 

Cladding – expanding Millboard decking attributes to the rest of your exterior. 

Millboard decking



Accessories, fixtures & fittings 

Accessories – Designed to protect and seal your timber framework on both new and existing decking. 

Corner Profiles – Designed to neaten and complete your meeting points, we have added the new Shadow Line+ Internal and external profiles to our range. 

Edging – Finish your cladding off in style with our cladding edging. New to the millboard range is our Bullnose Board which is available in a range of colours and offers a smooth, unbroken seal to your decking. 

Facia boards – Add the finishing touches to your decking, steps, flowerbeds, and more. 

Trim – Designed to fit and enhance your Shadow Line+ cladding, our Décor Shutter provides a standout finishing trim for unique design and structural support. 

Subframe – We sell all the necessary fixtures and fittings you need for your subframe to help create a smooth and seamless finish to your exterior structure. 

Paint – Keep your Millboard decking looking fresh all year round with colour-matching Touch-Up Coating. 

Fixings – We sell all the necessary fixings you need for your decking including screws, trims, spacers and more. 

What are the benefits of wood-free decking

If you’re looking for a high-quality, stylish and low-maintenance deck, then Millboard Decking is the perfect choice. Millboard is a brilliant and versatile alternative to wooden decking, ideal not only for decking but also for steps, seating, and planters. Perfect for both homes and businesses, we highly recommend Millboard when discussing landscaping projects with our customers. 

Styled on real oak timbers and handcrafted in the UK, Millboard decking is stunning and offers a wide range of textures and finishes. This makes it a practical, stylish, and durable option for any outdoor space. 

Compared to wooden decking, Millboard offers numerous practical and time-saving benefits. Explore below the advantages of Millboard beyond its aesthetic appeal, style, and durability. Discover why an increasing number of our customers are choosing Millboard for their landscaping projects. 

An authentic wood decking is beautiful, but it comes with a lot of maintenance. Composite decking offers that natural wood-effect with countless additional benefits: 

  • It’s non-porous, meaning a high resistance to algae growth 
  • Has anti-slip properties 
  • Designed to resist fading and sun damage 
  • Splinter-free; perfect for young children and pets 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • No sanding or staining ever required! 
  • Lightweight and easier to install 
  • No special tools required 
  • Durability and resistance to weathering 
  • Unlike natural wood, there’s minimal expansion or contraction for a smoother, safer surface 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Made in the UK with a low carbon footprint 
  • More colour and finish options 
  • Matching fascia and step edge boards 

Millboard Decking Installation

Installing Millboard is straightforward and user-friendly. Made from a lightweight material, it can be easily cut to the desired size or shape using a standard saw blade. For optimal results, we recommend using a carbon-tipped, multi-purpose chop saw. One of the standout features of Millboard composite decking is its consistent appearance with identical patterned panels. This ensures that if you need additional decking, you can easily order more, knowing it will match perfectly. 

Millboard Maintenance

Many customers ask us how to look after their Millboard decking, so we’ve pulled together everything you need to know: 

How do you clean a Millboard decking?  

A simple hose/water pressure will do the job. 

Can you paint Millboard decking?  

Absolutely! We only recommend the Millboard paint specified for the material. 

How long does composite decking last?  

Millboard decking has a 25-year guarantee. 

How often do I have to oil or sand it? 

Never! Millboard’s non-porous and stain resistant Lastane® surface provides a lasting beauty and quality. 

Millboard Suppliers Near Me

George Davies Turf is one of the first UK stockist of Millboard and as one of their premier distributors, we’re well placed to be your supplier of choice. Whether it’s a large order or a one-off box of screws, we can offer a quick turnaround for any requirement. To learn more about Millboard, or to speak to us about your needs, please get in touch. 


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