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Bark Mulch


Often the ideal outdoor space will incorporate more than just a lawn. Whether you’re looking to create a play pit and make your garden child-friendly or you’re incorporating paths and walkways in a larger outdoor space, we’ll be able to help. Our products are ideal for broadening the use of space to make it multi-purpose and suitable for all to enjoy.

Our Ornamental bark is suitable for decorating flower beds and borders and can be used in play and recreation areas. As well as being visually appealing ornamental bark will help suppress weed development and aid moisture retention. Ornamental bark is produced from pine and is typically sized between 8-35mm.

All bagged products purchased without turf will be delivered as a PM delivery unless we have confirmed otherwise, this is to ensure that turf and similar products are sent out on our first deliveries to ensure freshness.

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Our bark mulch is a by-product of our trusted timber partners and is a fantastic product to use within any shape or sized garden. It can be used in multiple ways to design and landscape your outdoor space, such as sectioning areas, creating paths, or using it on top of soil to protect your plants.  

Described as ornamental bark, our bark mulch is produced from pine, offering a beautifully light brown colouring, and is typically sized between 8 - 35mm. This makes it incredibly easy to handle and a versatile solution for any level of gardener. 

How To Order 

Measure the area where you wish to lay bark mulch to determine your exact requirements. You can then use our bark mulch calculator to figure out how much you need and select the quantity via our dropdown below.  

All bagged product purchases without turf will be delivered as a PM delivery unless we have confirmed otherwise. This is so turf and similar products are sent out on our first deliveries to ensure freshness. Contact us for more information.

Where To Use Bark Mulch 

Outdoor spaces often incorporate more than just a lawn. Whether you’re looking to create a recreation area for a local community, aiming to make your garden child-friendly or would like to incorporate paths into large spaces, bark mulch is a terrific option. 

This is also an excellent product for segmenting flowerbeds, protecting plants against the elements, and keeping the soil warm during the colder months. As well as being visually appealing, ornamental bark helps suppress weed development and aids moisture retention. So your plants can thrive no matter the conditions.  

Safety First 

GDT’s bark mulch has been cleaned and treated to ensure safety and longevity for our customers and is FSC-certified. We screen the mulch so it’s between 30 – 40mm long, and only 20% is made up of white wood. This offers very little dust and fines, giving it a soft texture and making it easy to walk on.  

George Davies Turf sources one of the best Bark products in the Country. We have it screened so the mulch is between 30 – 40 mm long and only 20% of the product is made up with white wood and a very minimal amount of dust and fines.

We have the product bagged and delivered to our yards in Olney and St Albans for distribution. George Davies Turf has spent the last 20 years sourcing and distributing these products under its own name and as such has sold in excess of 5,000 cubic metres in that time.

Our Bark Mulch is absolutely ideal for large professional and domestic landscaping projects, when the appearance is as equally important as the practical advantages. Our Bark Mulch is used extensively on building sites to enhance the planting areas prior to sale. It has a place in large gardens where large borders require a huge amount of mulch to help suppress the weeds and keep the moisture in. We would not recommend this product for small flower beds where the aesthetics are critical to the overall look of the garden. For this our Border Bark would be the better suited product.

All of the Bark we sell is FSC certified. The FSC is an international, non-government organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Which gives you the confidence that our Bark Mulch is made from well managed forests and recycled sources. In all woodland and forestry management trees have to be felled in order to allow other trees to grow and to preserve the larger ecosystem. As a bi-product of this operation our Bark Mulch is produced and it will give you peace of mind that we are supporting a sustainable operation.

With George Davies Turf, the product is only half the story, we feel the delivery of that product is just as important. Using our knowledge, we believe we have the formula that makes for an experience where you feel looked after from the moment you enquire about our products, through to taking delivery and beyond that with our aftercare service. We treat every job as if it is our own project and we want to help you as much as possible, giving you a nominated dispatch day and a time slot for your delivery.

We also deliver our products with lorry mounted forklift trucks, this way we are able to place the bags exactly (within reason) where you want them to be. This means gravel drives, long narrow tracks and putting the bags around the back of the house is not a problem. The only limitation is the width of the track, the forklift trucks are 2.6 metres wide and weigh two and a half tonnes empty.  They are all terrain trucks and will go nearly anywhere (subject to customer agreement). High fences unfortunately cause a few problems as we can’t lift over them.

We as a company endeavour to try and make your life as easy as possible, and if you would like the bags to be split, so the Bark Mulch is left in a pile or dotted around a certain area we will accommodate all we can as long as access is good, and you have a sharp knife.