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Our sleepers are New Softwood Green Tanalised or Brown Dipped 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m. They come from UK sawmills using sustainably sourced timber that is specifically grown for use as construction grade timber and they have full FSC certification.

SIZE: 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m


Transform your landscaping project with our stunning garden sleepers. Our GDT sleepers are high-quality New Softwood Green Tanalised (pressure treated). Sized at 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m, they’re perfect for large garden projects or can be easily sawed to fit smaller landscape designs, bringing charm and functionality to your outdoor space. 

Sourced from UK sawmills that use sustainably sourced timber grown explicitly for use as construction-grade timber, the Softwood Tanalised sleepers have full FSC certification and are an eco-friendly solution.  

How To Order: 

Our sleepers measure 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m and weigh 20 - 30kg. Start by measuring the section of your landscaping project where you’ll place your sleepers. Once you have the length and height required, you can calculate how many sleepers you need to order. Click on the dropdown below to select your number of sleepers before adding to your basket. Contact us for more information.

Sleeper Colours 

Although these sleepers start their life with a green colouring, this will fade naturally to first a honey brown and eventually end up a silver-grey shade. If you prefer the green or honey colour hues, the fade can be halted by either re-staining or repainting them regularly.  So, your sleepers can match the aesthetics of your garden.  

Best Ways to Use Garden Sleepers 

The New Softwood Green Tanalised sleepers are extremely versatile and can be used within most domestic gardens or commercial landscaping projects. Consider using your sleepers for: 

  • Raised flowerbeds 
  • Mini retaining walls 
  • Steps to different areas 
  • Sectioning off parts of your garden 
  • Seating areas 
  • Borders along paths or flowerbeds  

Resizing Your Garden Sleepers 

You can easily cut your Softwood Green Tanalised Sleeper to your ideal size using a circular saw, chainsaw, or hand saw. Please be careful when cutting your sleepers, and remember, newly exposed cut surfaces will require treatment with wood preservation to avoid weather damage and rotting.  

You can cut the sleepers using a circular saw, chainsaw or a hand saw; remember that any newly exposed cut surfaces will need treating with a wood preservative to avoid rotting. They are perfect for use as raised beds or mini retaining walls or steps to tier your garden.