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George Davies Turf is a specialist turf supplier and contractor to provide you with the finest quality turf in the UK delivered exactly where you’d like, and when you’d like it. And Stamford is a town that we know very well, and have worked with many homeowners, landscapers and local councils in and around the area to supply the best quality turf. We serve to ensure your requirements are met; so, if you’re simply looking for turf for your garden, or if you’re a Landscaper looking to fulfil a larger order, then we can provide you with exactly what you need! And as we have our own fleet of lorries, we are in control of the logistics and delivery. And we will ensure that you will get your turf from us in a similar condition to when it was cultivated! As well as turf, we provide other products such as topsoil, bark / mulch and lawn seed. Simply click below to get a personalised quote for your requirements. Or use our calculators to see exactly how much products you need for your project.

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Our company has been in the turf business since 2001. And as we are a family-based business, we have been able to give our customers and clients the personable service that we hold dear to our ethos. And as the years have progressed, we’ve not only maintained our ethos of customer service, but our staff also adopt this approach also. You can be rest assured that when you consult with us, you will be valued and have your hand held every step of the way.


Other reasons to choose us for your turf and topsoil requirements

  • We’re very familiar with the Stamford location, and getting to you will not be a problem for us. We sell on average 1,250,000 m2 of turf a year throughout the UK.
  • Our turf is grown and cultivated from a trusted and reputable source; so, you know you’ll get quality each and every time – this is something we do not compromise on.
  • Our Turf is Fresh and Affordable – and our couriers serve all year around
  • Our fleet of drivers are professional, polite and prompt and can apply safe social distancing where necessary
  • We provide both Natural and Artificial Turf, as well as a whole host over other related products



All our turf is fully cultivated and weed free. It is produced to extremely high standards and once we take ownership, we look after it in the best possible way. It will be delivered to your door or job in the excellent condition you would expect.
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We continually monitor the quality and consistency of our Soil products throughout the manufacturing process – to bring you the finest soil available. We have a select range of topsoil supplies including Raised Bed Mix, Ericaceous Soil, Soil Conditioner, Compost & Top Dressing.
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Our bark products are ideal for broadening and enhancing the use of space to make it fully functional and suitable for all to enjoy. Our bark range includes Ornamental bark, play bark, play sand and sharp sand.
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Seed / Fertiliser
Our multipurpose grass seed, The All Rounder, is specifically cultivated to produce a stunning lawn that’s ideal for all around use. Many of our customers have use this seed to thicken their lawns and to treat issues with weeds.
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Our ordering process is simple, but if you need more guidance on exactly what products you need, then simply give us a call and we will consult with you. We look forward to helping you with your project and can provide a multitude of options for you. Click above to get a quote for the individual products, or use or calculator to determine your requirements.

To find out more, get in touch with George Davies today. Alternatively feel free to contact us via email, using


To find out more about our high quality turf, speak to our team about your needs, call today on 01234714555. Alternatively you can get in touch with us via email on

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