What Temperature is Too Cold to Fertilise Lawn?



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What Temperature is Too Cold to Fertilise Lawn?

October 29, 2023      Autumn Tips

Here in the UK, it’s not unusual to open your curtains in the morning to glance out of the window and see a mix of frost, heavy rain and blustering wind. Moments later, it feels like a different day with bliss blue skies and sunshine. In recent weeks we’ve seen some rather drastic weather fluctuations, but it begs the question “what temperature is too cold to fertilise a lawn, and is there a cut off?”

Whilst there is no specific temperature threshold to keep in mind, it may be best to beat the frost. Generally, this will be around the middle of November but it depends; some years it’s much earlier. By fertilising before that initial temperature drop-off when the ground is frozen, you can ensure the grass roots are able to absorb those nutrients and benefit from them. If you miss the last of milder days and fertilise your lawn when it’s too cold and crisp, you may be wasting your time and money. If grass roots don’t absorb the fertiliser, you may spot yellow and brown patches on the blades of your grass. As the soil freezes, the nutrients become locked into the soil and can take some time for them to break down and release back into the soil. Therefore, do try to beat the frost to ensure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Which Winter Fertiliser Should I Use?

We recommend using a slow-releasing pellet formula composed specifically for the chilly Winter months. Slow-release fertilisers contain low nitrogen, high potassium and magnesium, designed to gradually feed your lawn over an extended period. This provides the grass with enough nutrients to sustain it through Winter until the arrival of early Spring, and growth picks up again.

After using pellet fertiliser, watering your lawn is a winner. It could be worth checking for rainfall using your favourite weather app – you never know, there could be a downpour on the horizon. If not, water off the fertiliser from the grass blades with a hose and you won’t have to worry about the tips of the blades being burned.

It’s important to note that over-fertilising your lawn can also cause more harm than good. So be sure to carefully follow application instructions for any fertiliser you use, as well as taking into account weather conditions and temperatures. Click here to view our winter fertiliser.

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