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Same George, New Look!

August 22, 2022     

As a treat for our 21st Birthday we thought George Davies Turf deserved a new facelift. Whilst we’ve been ordering and delivering turf as normal, in the background we’ve been busy making big changes. We wanted to ensure we were offering a seamless service for our customers, along with a consistent and recognisable look from our website and online presence, to our staff uniforms and delivery lorries. Showcasing who George Davies Turf really is as well as the great products and dedicated service we offer to everyone.

Who is George Davies Turf?

Since 2001, George has been our local turf guy. Working from his parent’s farm in Olney (which is where the company is still based today), George utilised his knowledge of the land and creative vision to provide a service to his neighbours and local villages: selling turf. Choosing to work with only the best suppliers, George’s home-grown business has committed to finding top quality turf for the last 21 years. As well as honouring set delivery times to ensure customer’s turf is delivered as fresh as it was when it was cut and rolled.

Why go red?

Our very first car, back in 2001, was actually a blue Peugeot 306 and a loyal member of the team! We expanded with a blue 7.5 tonne lorry but as orders started blooming, George invested in a 26 tonne lorry which arrived in fire engine red. Without the funds to repaint it in a matching blue, George left it as it was. To be fair, its purpose was to help the business grow and that’s exactly what it did; allowing us to deliver more rolls to more customers, meeting more delivery slots. It also came with a mounted forklift truck which saved us a lot of time not having to move turf on and off the lorry by hand, providing a smoother service.

Jumping to 2022, we now had a fleet of red lorries, a green themed website and blue uniforms – not quite the consistent look and feel we’ve been aiming for. As our lorries are our biggest assets and all 12 of them have arrived in the same statement red over the years, it made sense to update our remaining assets to match our now, official brand colours.

Updating Our Website

Along with our fresh branding we’ve also rearranged the website to be more accessible for our customers. Our aim is to create a place full of garden inspiration, helpful hints and no-nonsense facts about the different types of turf available. No matter what your turf query might be, you can find the answer right away. That’s why we’ve made sure to include:

Continuing with Our Great Service

Part of the reason for our rebranding is because it’s instilled within all of us to provide the very best. We want our customers to receive high quality products along with exceptional customer service, and that starts with clicking onto our website all the way through to ordering and delivery (in our big red lorry!).

Looking to the Future

This is just the start! Over the years, George Davies Turf has evolved with new vehicles, depots and a growing team who carry George’s passion for all things turf related, and this is just another step in our journey. We’re developing easier ways for customers to receive the turf they want to their property, providing helpful information, and looking at how we can reduce our impact on the environment.

Take a look around

We’ve loved having the whole team involved with our updated look and we’re so excited to reveal it to you. Feel free to have a scroll around our range of products, watch our insightful videos or read our blog for some top tips on how to care for your turf.

If you have any questions, then please get in touch with our friendly team who are on hand to help.

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