How Does Rain Affect The Laying of Turf?


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How Does Rain Affect The Laying of Turf?

June 21, 2023      Turf Tips

Although rain brings a lot of benefits to our gardens (and saves us the task of watering), when it comes to completing jobs outside, rain can really put a dampener on things. But if you’ve booked out time to lay your new George Davies turf, and the weather takes a turn, how will the rain impact the quality of your turf and the end result?

This article discusses the impact rain can have on your turf and the potential issues to look out for.


The bonus of laying fresh turf is that you can roll it out in almost any weather. As long as your soil is thoroughly prepared, then yes, you can continue to lay your turf in the rain. Our previous blog on how you lay turf in the rain can provide you with the right steps to successfully achieve this.


A small amount of rainfall won’t harm your fresh new turf. In fact, it’ll provide your grass with a much-needed drink and help the roots anchor in. However, there are a few signs to keep a look out for, which could prevent your turf from getting the best head start.

Things to look out for when laying turf in the rain:

  • Soil Consistency
    Constant rain can create a sticky consistency in your soil. In this instance, try not to overwork the ground during the preparation stage as it’ll become cake-like and make it difficult for new turf to establish.
  • Soil Compaction
    If your lawn is still in use during rainfall and experiences high traffic from shoes, pets or vehicles, there’s a risk the damp soil will compact. Not only could this result in uneven surfaces when you lay your turf but it’s harder for new roots to move through the soil or absorb essential water and nutrients.
  • Lack of Water
    Although it’s raining, remember to check the soil is absorbing the water. If you notice water pooling on top or taking time to drain away, it could be a sign of poor soil. This can also lead to your garden waterlogging and delaying putting down new turf. Our blog on how to fix a waterlogged lawn can help you here.
  • Muddy Turf
    Naturally, with rain comes mud. And when you’re working outside, mud can cover your shoes and clothes, transferring onto your gorgeous green grass. Perhaps not leaving you with that luscious-looking lawn you were hoping for. Simple solutions such as using laying boards can reduce the mess and protect your turf.


As we said, turf can be laid in any weather, so don’t let a little rain put you off your landscaping project. It’ll be worth it! Plus, drought is the most common killer of fresh turf, so rain can protect your investment because:

  • Your soil and turf get a good drink
  • Grass blades are less likely to wilt
  • There’s less stress on the new turf
  • Helps grass roots establish quicker


Don’t let the wet weather put off revamping your garden or finishing your landscaping project. Now is the best time to order and lay new turf; allowing it time to settle in and be ready for a summer full of garden fun! See our range of turf products or get in touch with the team today.

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