Can You Lay Turf Over Turf?


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Can You Lay Turf Over Turf?

September 07, 2021      Turf Tips

It is possible to lay new turf on top of old grass; however, you’re not going to achieve the best possible result. Therefore, we highly recommend you never lay fresh turf on top of old turf; otherwise, your lawn’s condition will deteriorate over time as the old grass dies. There are plenty of other reasons why you shouldn’t lay new turf on top, and we’ve touched on some of the key points below.

The roots will not grow well

When you lay new turf on top of your old grass, you instantly reduce pore space between soil particles, known as soil compaction. A new turf needs at least 12cm of freshly prepared soil with no barriers for the roots to thrive — so do try to resist the temptation to lay the turf on top because you will make the process of growing a fantastic lawn more difficult.

It’s not a quick fix for reducing weeds and diseases

Pernicious weeds must be destroyed, or they will push through new turf. You’ll stand a much better chance of creating a vibrant, luscious turf (without any weeds) if you prepare the soil properly. If your old lawn is rather weedy or has numerous diseases, the last thing you will want to do is add fresh turf on top because you’re simply not addressing the issues that are already impacting your lawn’s health.

Humps or hollow spots will hamper lawn health

It’s clear that good soil preparation is crucial to helping a fresh lawn on its way to full health; therefore, if you skip this step and immediately lay your new turf on top of your old turf, you may have various humps and hollow spots. This can be a huge issue as we head towards autumn and winter because if surface water is allowed to sit on your lawn, it can cause long-term damage, which is why getting your drainage right is so important.

Laying Turf Preparation

George Davies Turf obtains fresh turf from the very best suppliers in the UK, whilst we’re committed to delivering top quality turf exactly where you need it. It’s essential to lay your turf as soon as possible, but you need to ensure the soil has been prepared. Fortunately, we have created a ‘step-by-step guide to the perfect lawn’ which covers:


“If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

This saying rings true in the world of lawn care. If you’re going to invest some time and money to buy and lay fresh turf, it’s best to ensure you do everything in your power to prepare the soil in the right way. The process is not necessarily complicated, but it can take some time (depending on the size of your lawn), meaning you may need to keep your weekend clear or get professional landscapers involved!

How to lay turf

If you still need help laying turf, our handy video, how to lay turf will give you all the pointers you need for a luscious lawn.

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