Can You Lay Turf in Autumn?


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Can You Lay Turf in Autumn?

October 29, 2019      Autumn TipsTurf Tips

As we’re now very much into the Autumn season, one of the common questions we get is can turf be laid during the October / November months. The answer may surprise you, as the common consensus is that turf is usually laid under warmer climates, however with more moist conditions and less humidity – Autumn is indeed an ideal time to lay Turf Rolls!


Typically, in Autumn, when leaves fall off the trees and flowers begin to fade away – this is the early signs that nature simply goes into a state of hibernation. However, plants naturally put a lot of effort into growing roots in autumn and it’s the time of the year when Mother Nature sows seeds – which will then be ready for the coming spring… so whilst we may visibly see that the plants and leaves around us are diminishing, the roots are working hard to maintain their form.

During early autumn, the ground is still warm and there is plenty of rain and moisture so it is a perfect time of the year to lay turf. That gives the grass plants 6 stress-free months in which to get settled and grow really strong roots.

Other parts of the year have their disadvantages when laying turf. Spring is sunny and wet, but dry soil may stress the turf and delay rooting. Summer isn’t an ideal time of the year to lay turf because the weather is too hot, turf can lose some quality, turf might get dry and needs a lot of water all the time. Winter might bring you frozen ground when you can’t lay turf. So whilst the other seasons may not have the all around benefits to lay turf – autumn certainly does!

And that’s why Autumn is the best time for lying turf rolls and lawns! So if you’re interested in enquiring about our lawn, then get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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