Facts You Probably Didnt Know About Turf


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8 quirky facts you probably didnt know about turf

April 07, 2017      Turf Tips

Turf is a great thing when it comes to transforming an outside area; it can inject fresh life into the most drab gardens and create a shining green landscape across a golf course. Most people think that there isn’t really a lot to the turf rolls themselves – beyond the aesthetic appeal of it, what else can a roll (or ten!) of turf really do? It may even sound like a dull subject, but in our opinion turf can be very interesting and actually has a lot to offer to the world. Here at GDT is it our job to be experts on the subject, and we have compiled a list of facts about the effects of laying turf and its properties that may surprise you.




1) 50 sqft of turf produces enough oxygen to support a family of four each day. If this was an acre, the amount of oxygen produced could support up to 64 people on a daily basis! This also plays a major part in improving air quality as not only is the oxygen being produced very pure, but it also absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride, and peroxyacetyl nitrate, thus further purifying the air we breathe.  

2) Areas of grass can actually reduce noise as it absorbs sound waves. The larger the surface area and denser the turf, the more noise it will absorb.

3) The cycles and growth of grass/ lawns can have a positive impact on people and their moods. It has been proven that hospital patients with views of landscapes tend to recover much more quickly than those without a grassy green view.

4) Turf has a cooling effect – the temperature over a turfed surface on a hot summer’s day will be 10-14 degrees cooler than over concrete or tarmac. Eight average lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning, where the average air conditioner has a capacity of around 3-4 tons depending on its size. So you get the cooling effect without the costly electrical energy and damaging effect to the environment!

5) We have supplied turf to various football grounds over the years. A football field of an average size produces enough oxygen to offset almost 2,000 km of driving and does the work of 327 trees every day. A single football pitch also produces enough oxygen for nearly 14 people to breathe on a daily basis.


6) 90% of the weight of a grass plant is found in its roots, not in the blades of grass as commonly thought.


7) You will find up to 200,000 blades of grass in just ONE square meter of turf!


8) One blade of grass will live for an average of 40 days!



And there is so much more to say about turf! Whilst grass is something that we usually take for granted, the above information shows just how just amazing turf can really be and the positive impact that it has on the environment and the earth as a whole. At GDT, we think it’s not only important that we are sourcing and selling the highest quality of turf, but also that we can educate our customers about the significance of what we sell and how it can become more than an aesthetic improvement wherever it is laid. So, although turf may not appear to be a particularly fascinating subject, the above facts show it is much more remarkable than many people realise.


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