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At George Davies Turf, we believe in supporting the environment wherever we possibly can. That’s why we offer Wildflower turf to our customers, providing the opportunity to turn lawns into miniature meadows. Growing wildflower turf will create an ideal habitat for bees, butterflies, birds and small mammals, and it will look beautiful as well.

We always ensure that we provide healthy, high quality turf that will allow our customers to achieve their desired results. Our Wildflower turf is no exception. It contains a mix of 34 carefully selected flowers and grasses which are grown and developed on a specialist matting system.

Wildflower turf is a simple alternative to growing wildflower seeds. Perennials can be difficult to establish and it can be a lengthy process to get them thriving. Our turf will continue to produce flowers year after year and it will grow very happily in low-fertility conditions. In fact, these will provide just the right kind of environment – an abundance of fresh and fertile soil will encourage grass growth which could end up competing with the flowers and damaging their growth. This makes Wildflower turf especially suitable for use in gardens on newly built developments.

There is very little maintenance involved with Wildflower turf. Once it flowers in August, it will require no more than two or three cuts. After this, it will just need to be kept neat during the winter months. 

Many of the UK’s wildflower meadows have now disappeared, and we have seen a 98% reduction in numbers since the Second World War. These levels of loss pose significant problems for insects and wildlife as they struggle to find suitable habitats. Using Wildflower turf is the perfect way to promote an animal-friendly environment and give nature a helping hand.

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The biggest problem with turf is managing to transplant it from the field to your garden and keep it in perfect condition.

During the winter months this is easy and the turf will last three or four days no problem at all. However, during late spring and summer the shelf life can be as little as 36 Hours.

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Our turf suppliers endeavour to provide the highest standard of turf in the United Kingdom. They are well established businesses built on the foundations of countless years of experience.

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We can provide you with this exceptional product “where you want it, when you want it.”

George Davies Turf has been trading for nearly ten years and in that time has built up a very thorough understanding of what each customer requires.

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