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Trident Turf

AS LOW AS £3.40 PER m2

Do you want the best quality lawn turf in the UK in your garden? Then Trident Turf is your answer, used in tees and gardens all around the country.

Cut and delivered on the same day, our Trident Turf is weed-free and cultivated for up to 2 years. We make certain that all our turf is produced to extremely high standards. With excellent sward density and grown by experts, you can be sure that your lawn can flourish throughout all of the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions. Trident Turf is made up of a carefully selected 75% fescue and 25% rye mix, ensuring you are receiving quality. Every. Single. Time.

Amount (m2) Price
1 – 20 £4.75
21-40 £4.50
41-100 £3.90
100+ £3.40

Please Note: Orders for delivery need to be a minimum of 25 m2

Quantity (m²)

Choose measurement units
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Trident Turf Description

Commercial landscaping with huge volumes? Completing your garden of dreams? Need a few rolls for patchwork repair in your garden? If you want the best quality lawn turf in the UK, Trident Turf is your answer. It's used in tees and gardens all around the country.

With over 20 years of direct experience with turf and an entire lifetime on a farm, you can be confident that George Davies Turf knows what they are doing. We understand that the key to great turf is not only how it's grown, but also ensuring that you receive your lawn straight from the fields in perfect condition.

George works tirelessly to ensure that the turf you receive is the best in the UK during all seasons. It is pulled from the best turf farms in the country, is weed-free, and has a minimum of 18 months of growing time. Plus, we can guarantee our turf is and always will be plastic-free!

All our Turf is sourced from the best farms in the country and grown on free-draining, fully irrigated soil. Rest assured, our farms have over 30 years of experience.

How Much Is A Roll Of Turf

Size of Area Price
1m1 - 21m2 £4.75+vat per roll
21m2 - 40m2 £4.50+vat per roll
41m2 - 100m2 £3.90+vat per roll
101m2 - 1600m2 £3.40+vat per roll
1600m2+ £2.60+vat per roll

How long is a roll of turf? - Trident Turf

Each roll equates to 1m²

1.65m x 0.61m plus or minus 5% as it is a natural product and does shrink and contract based on the water content at the time of harvesting. It’s like a sponge!



  • 25% dwarf perennial ryegrass - lolium perenne
  • 40% strong creeping red fescue -festuca rubra rubra
  • 35% slender creeping red fescue - festuca rubra litoralis


Product is only half the story here at George Davies; delivery and after-service are just as important. We want every single customer to feel looked after right from your very first contact with us.

Each delivery is made on rigid trucks mounted with forklifts, allowing us to place your products exactly (within reason) where they suit you. Long, narrow tracks and placing bags around the back of your home along with gravel driveways are not a problem. We just ask for a 9ft-by-9ft access to enable the forklifts to get through with ease.

Here at George Davies Turf, we want to make life as easy as we can for you; our website boasts a three-day lead time; however, if you need it sooner, please give us a call, as we normally work on a two-day turnaround.

Our skilled drivers are highly trained and cool under pressure. If you have any limitations at all, please tell us ahead of time at the point of order or add notes to your online order. Trust us when we say our drivers truly make difficult deliveries easy.

How many rolls do I need?

Check out our turf calculator to determine how many rolls you need for your garden.


Can I pick a Delivery day?

Yes. You can pick any day that we have availability to deliver your order, and we deliver Monday through Friday.

See more FAQs here

How to lay turf

In his comprehensive yet user-friendly guide, George Davies offers a detailed walkthrough to help you achieve a professional finish for your project.

With a step-by-step approach, he simplifies the process, equipping you with the necessary knowledge to transform your garden into a dream-like oasis. From essential materials to expert tips, George shares valuable insights on how to attain the most stunning appearance for your brand new lawn.

Prepare to embark on a journey towards a picture-perfect outdoor space with George’s guidance.

How to measure your garden for turf

If you’re planning to re-turf your garden, it’s important to accurately measure the area to ensure you purchase the right amount of turf. George Davies will guide you through the process of measuring your garden for turf. Since gardens come in various shapes and sizes, there is no fixed formula for measuring.

However, George will show you easy and effective methods to measure different types of lawns. With George’s guidance, measuring your garden for turf will be a straightforward task.