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Our popular trident turf

Trident is our most popular all-round turf. It can have a variety of uses and is suitable for golf tees, general lawns and amenity landscaping. The turf has a medium texture and is very easy to maintain – it will take root and begin to flourish very soon after it has been laid. As a tough and hard-wearing turf, Trident has become popular due to its versatility and resilience. What’s more, it’s perfectly able to grow in a cold, wet and wintery climate so it will keep its vibrant colour all year round.

Trident turf contains a mixture of top-rated perennial ryegrasses in its seed composition. These help lend to it an excellent shoot density, a strong winter colour and superb immunity to disease. Many of the grass species which make up Trident turf are grown in the UK especially for local usage, so it will be able to thrive in our variable and unpredictable weather conditions.

This particular type of turf has been grown on a sandy loam soil. Its standard thickness is 15-20mm. Each roll is 1.65m x 0.6m wide and works out to be 1 square metre.

Quality Natural Turf

All the turf we sell is weed free and fully cultivated. It is produced to extremely high standards and once we take ownership, we look after it in the best possible way. It will be delivered to your door or job in the excellent condition you would expect.

Trident will make an excellent option for anyone needing an easy-to-grow, hardy turf that can stand up to harsh UK weather conditions. Choose it to create a beautiful lawn or a stunning all-year-round golf course. It won’t need a lot of encouragement to take root and keep on growing for years to come.

If you’d like to find out more about Trident turf, we’ll be very happy to discuss it further with you.

To find out more about our turf grades or to place your order with our team today, call today on 01234 714555 or 01727 821 765

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Moulded from smooth timber for a textured look and feel, our Enhanced Grain collection recreates the subtle nuances that only natural wood can give. Each of the five shades showcases the grain beautifully.

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Our wide range of services include supplying to householders, landscapers, golf courses, housebuilders, landscape architects & local authorities.

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Here at George Davies Turf, we take great pride in delivering fresh, quality turf, whether it’s for a domestic property or a major commercial requirement… we guarantee a speedy delivery of your turf and in perfect condition, ready for immediate transplantation right where and when you need it.

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