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Lawn Dressing

AS LOW AS £81.00 PER Bulk Bag

Top Dressing your lawn is an essential part of your on going lawn maintenance. The quality and type of dressing you choose will affect your result with your lawn. Our Lawn Dressing is screened to less than 8mm and kept inside in our warehouse to keep it dry, and is often likened to brown sand it is that fine. This makes it the ideal consistency for dressing your lawn, evening out those dips and bumps and giving your lawn a boost ready for over seeding. This product can be applied as a light dressing or as a thicker layer to renew larger patches within your lawn. 

If you’re using this as a light dressing we would expect coverage for each bag to be up to 100m2 depending on depth with most bags covering around 70min reality.

If you’d like to know anything else about the added extras we provide at George Davies Turf, please don’t hesitate to give the team a call.

All bagged products purchased without turf will be delivered as a PM delivery unless we have confirmed otherwise, this is to ensure that turf and similar products are sent out on our first deliveries to ensure freshness.

Please Note: Orders for delivery need to be a minimum of 1 Bulk Bag

Quantity (Bulk Bags)

Our lawn dressing is made up of organic matter, free-draining topsoil, and sandy loam to create a soft and usable consistency for your garden. It’s screened to less than 8mm, making a light, fine dressing. This is an ideal consistency for top dressing – not smothering your lawn but gently raked in to help break down thatch, improve drainage and feed your turf.  

How To Order 

If you’re using this product as a light top dressing, we would expect coverage for each bag to be up to 100m2, depending on depth. On average, our dressing bags cover around 70m2.  

All bagged product purchases without turf will be delivered as a PM delivery unless we have confirmed otherwise. This is so turf and similar products are sent out on our first deliveries to ensure freshness. Contact us for more information.

What is Lawn Dressing? 

Good quality dressing aids the look and structure of your lawn. Not only does it help produce richer, brighter greens, but it increases the health and strength of your grass blades and roots. It also helps even out uneven or bumpy lawns, creating a smooth and practical surface. By using dressing to fill in any holes, hollows, or dips, you create a flat base to lay turf or sow grass seed easily and successfully. 

How To Dress Your Lawn 

Lawn dressing often occurs during the autumn months as it’ll provide nutrients to your soil over the winter, but it can also be done during the spring before your garden comes into bloom. Begin by scarifying and aerating your lawn. Scatter 2-4kg of lawn dressing per square metre, focusing on brown patches and uneven areas. Rake the dressing so it lays flat before adding any grass seed or laying turf.  

Benefits of Lawn Dressing 

  • Levels out uneven surfaces 
  • Builds a flat base for effective sowing or turf laying 
  • Helps retain water and moisture 
  • Aids the drainage of your soil 
  • Encourages root and grass blade growth 

George Davies Turf sources one of the best natural Lawn Dressings in the Country, we have it screened to 8 mm, bagged and delivered to our yards in Olney and St Albans for distribution.  George Davies Turf has spent the last 20 years sourcing and distributing these products under its own name and as such has sold in excess of 40,000 tonnes in that time.

The Lawn Dressing is sourced in Lincolnshire, where the land has previously been growing crops and vegetables.  The reason why we can source such fertile, free draining and premium soil is that sites in question have been earmarked for future development.  The soil undergoes a series rigorous tests to make sure the PH, the fertility and the textural classification is fit for purpose.

The very sandy free draining and workable dressing makes it an ideal lawn dressing at a price you can afford. The lawn dressing has not undergone a Heat treatment cycle, so it will contain the odd weed seed. We have felt over the years that the Heat treatment cycle while it sterilises the soil completely, it also fries the earthworm and all the natural bacteria in the soil. If, however, you are looking for a sterilised top dressing we do offer that as a product as well, but promote the more natural product.

Any supplier can source and deliver soil in a bag, but doing it consistently week in week out throughout the year whilst keeping the product dry and ready for use is the area we excel at. There is nothing more frustrating than having a large bag of wet soil that is impossible to work with so when we say “you’re in safe hands” we really mean it.

With George Davies Turf, the product is only half the story, we feel the delivery of that product is just as important. Using our knowledge, we believe we have the formula that makes for an experience where you feel looked after from the moment you enquire about our products, through to taking delivery and beyond that with our aftercare service. We treat every job as if it is our own project and we want to help you as much as possible, giving you a nominated dispatch day and a time slot for your delivery.

We also deliver our products with lorry mounted forklift trucks, this way we are able to place the bags exactly (within reason) where you want them to be. This means gravel drives, long narrow tracks and putting the bags around the back of the house is not a problem. The only limitation is the width of the track, the forklift trucks are 2.6 metres wide and weigh two and a half tonnes empty.  They are all terrain trucks and will go nearly anywhere (subject to customer agreement). High fences unfortunately cause a few problems as we can’t lift over them.

We as a company endeavour to try and make your life as easy as possible, and if you would like the bags to be split, so the lawn dressing is left in a pile or dotted around a certain area we will accommodate all we can as long as access is good, and you have a sharp knife.