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Natural Lawn Dressing in Colney Heath Bagged, Screened & Delivered to your Location

Here at George Davies Turf, we’re proud to deliver top quality Lawn Dressing and our other garden landscaping products throughout Colney Heath. We have a passion for our top end, grade A products and want to share them with you, as we’re convinced that you’ll be just as impressed as we are. With our own fleet of vehicles, we can virtually guarantee delivery times to your allocated time slot, thus giving you the Lawn Dressing you need, exactly when and where you need it.

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All our turf is fully cultivated and weed free. It is produced to extremely high standards and once we take ownership, we look after it in the best possible way. It will be delivered to your door or job in the excellent condition you would expect.
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We continually monitor the quality and consistency of our Soil products throughout the manufacturing process – to bring you the finest soil available. We have a select range of topsoil supplies including Raised Bed Mix, Ericaceous Soil, Soil Conditioner, Compost & Top Dressing.
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Our bark products are ideal for broadening and enhancing the use of space to make it fully functional and suitable for all to enjoy. Our bark range includes Ornamental bark, play bark, play sand and sharp sand.
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Seed / Fertiliser
Our multipurpose grass seed, The All Rounder, is specifically cultivated to produce a stunning lawn that’s ideal for all around use. Many of our customers have use this seed to thicken their lawns and to treat issues with weeds.
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Fertile & Natural Lawn Dressing Providers for Colney Heath & Hertfordshire

Here at George Davies Turf, we place customer service at the heart of what we do. All our team members are passionate about making your project a success. Whether you require Lawn Dressing or Sterilised Soil Dressing for either domestic or commercial requirements in Colney Heath you can rest assured you’re in great hands with us. Our Lawn Dressings are screened to 8mm to provide a stunningly viable product you’ll be impressed with.

The sandy, freedraining process and workable Soil Dressing or Sterilised Soil Dressing makes them ideal lawn dressings at an affordable price, as well as contributing to the overall quality of your project. Our usual Lawn Dressing has not undergone a heat treatment cycle, so it may contain the odd weed seed. We’ve found over the years the heat treatment cycle fries the earthworms and all the natural bacteria in the soil, and consequently the fertility can be negatively affected. If, however, you are looking for a sterilised top dressing we do offer that as a product as well, but we generally promote the more natural product. We’ll happily advise which will be best suited to your specific project, so don’t hesitate to contact us. 

If you’re looking for quality lawn dressing no matter the scale of your project, but still have questions you need answers to, we’re more than happy to consult with you. Simply call our experts today who will guide you on the best solutions, including other excellent products that you may not have thought of yet. All our customer service team are hugely passionate about our products and how they will suit your project. Which is why when you get in touch with us, we’ll help you with the clearest of intent, a smile and take you through the entire process from start to finish. 

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We have a great history here at George Davies Turf, for which we are very proud. We have seen and supplied different lawn dressing types to all sectors and requirements throughout Hertfordshire - no matter how small or large the order. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have built up lots of knowledge and expertise, meaning we’re well-placed to provide you the most comprehensive service possible, with industry leading products. Once you order with us for delivery, we’ll carefully place your chosen Lawn Dressing wherever you need it on the day.

To speak to us about your Colney Heath Lawn Dressing requirements, contact George Davies Turf today on 01234 714 555 or 01727 821 765

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We provide hardwearing, weed-free, fully cultivated turf.

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George Davies Turf has developed a well-deserved reputation for our quality product, service and reliable delivery of our Lawn Dressing, whether it’s for a residential or commercial project. We take the success of your project very seriously; it’s a significant part of our mission and we guarantee a speedy delivery of your quality Lawn Dressing, in perfect condition, ready for immediate use right where and when you need it.

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Did you know 99% of our customer orders are delivered within a pre-specified 2-hour timeslot?

It’s absolutely true. We understand how mission critical delivery timing and placement can be for our customers and their project contractors. Our focus on achieving the promised delivery, right where and when it’s needed, can be crucial to ensure your project runs to plan. As a result of this, George Davies Turf has earned a reputation for reliability and for providing a service of the highest quality, which has become one of our most important USPs.

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