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Superb Millboard in Friern Barnet to Transform your Outdoor Living

George Davies Turf is a premier supplier of Composite Decking in Friern Barnet and Greater London, having been a trusted supplier of the highest quality turf, garden and landscaping products for over twenty years. We supply a range of exquisite composite decking to suit any requirement and we’re confident you’ll see why we’re the most sought-after composite decking business in the region. We cater for all types of requirements - so, if you’re looking for decking for your garden, or if you need a larger installation for commercial purposes, we’ll be able to help you. 

Our range of composite decking also offers multiple different grains and styles, so there’s a fantastic choice available to customise your decking. 

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All our turf is fully cultivated and weed free. It is produced to extremely high standards and once we take ownership, we look after it in the best possible way. It will be delivered to your door or job in the excellent condition you would expect.
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We continually monitor the quality and consistency of our Soil products throughout the manufacturing process – to bring you the finest soil available. We have a select range of topsoil supplies including Raised Bed Mix, Ericaceous Soil, Soil Conditioner, Compost & Top Dressing.
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Our bark products are ideal for broadening and enhancing the use of space to make it fully functional and suitable for all to enjoy. Our bark range includes Ornamental bark, play bark, play sand and sharp sand.
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Seed / Fertiliser
Our multipurpose grass seed, The All Rounder, is specifically cultivated to produce a stunning lawn that’s ideal for all around use. Many of our customers have use this seed to thicken their lawns and to treat issues with weeds.
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Stunning & Durable Composite Decking - With all Year Round Delivery

Here at George Davies Turf, we cater for all composite decking order quantities. Whether you need decking for your front or back garden or a larger quantity for a bigger project, we’ll bring you the best quality decking in the UK. We’ve invested heavily in our team and equipment since our story began in 2001, to ensure we bring a truly first-class service and high-quality product. Composite decking is fast becoming a popular choice across the country for both its aesthetic and practical appeal. Not only does this form of decking look stunning and superior to others, but in terms of practicality, it needs far less maintenance than traditional wood decking and certainly lasts much longer. 

Benefits of Millboard in Friern Barnet

  • Heightened Durability - with its exceptionally strong and robust makeup, composite decking will outlast wood alternatives by many years! It can also withstand the most extreme weather conditions, unlike traditional wood.
  • Environmentally Friendly - since the process of forming wood decking comes straight from the environment, composite decking is completely sustainable forming a great option for the environmentally conscious household. 
  • Sleek Design - composite decking is available from us in a variety of styles, colours and grains all suited to your requirements.
  • Less Maintenance - as composite decking won’t break or rot over time like wood, it requires little maintenance. It doesn’t even need a restain or repaint! You can simply hose it down and clean it just like any other indoor surface. 
  • Our Own Distribution Service for Transporting - we have our own fleet of lorries featuring forklift trucks mounted to the rear, enabling us to place your order exactly where you need it.
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Our unrivalled brand of composite decking uses a unique material, which is certainly unmatched across the UK. A long-lasting and more environmentally friendly alternative to real wood. It looks just as stunning and comes with a number of added advantages. George Davies Turf are a premier supplier of composite decking products, providing a number of high-quality decking options. We’re proud to house a set of vastly superior decking options - offering the same aesthetic appeal as wood, but in a vastly stronger and durable form. We have a range of options available in an array of traditional and contemporary colours. The board grains and composites can be combined and utilised to highlight the decking for an elegant, modern finish that will stand the test of time. 

If you’d like to speak to us about your Friern Barnet decking requirements, contact the team at George Davies Turf today on 01234 714 555 or 01727 821 765

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George Davies Turf has developed a well-deserved reputation for our quality products, service and reliable delivery, whether it’s for a residential property or a major commercial project. We take the success of your project very seriously. It’s a top USP for us and we guarantee a speedy delivery of your order, in perfect condition, ready for immediate use right where and when you need it.

Composite Decking

Our Enhanced Grain decking allows you to enjoy the look of real wood, which Millboard have spent years refining. Every shade allows the beauty of real wood to be shown in a product that's durable and low-maintenance.

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