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If you're looking for a trusted and experienced Millboard supplier in Plumstead and Greater London, look no further than George Davies Turf. We’re a premier distributor for Millboard Decking and Cladding, supplying only the finest quality products throughout the region. Millboard is fast becoming a popular choice for many homeowners due to its attractive aesthetic appeal and practical durability. Did you know Millboard decking is environmentally friendly too? As well as having a lower carbon footprint, it’s also stain-resistant and can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Unlike its wooden rival, Millboard Decking requires minimal maintenance and is good for the environment. Millboard is made up of unique elements which are designed to provide mechanical strength, chemical resistance and durability. Millboard is the only hand moulded wood decking alternative that has a pristine look and feel - all whilst being completely sustainable. Sustainability is a crucial part of the Millboard ethos; just as it is for George Davies Turf. If you’re interested in Millboard Decking, get in touch today. 

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Affordable & Environmentally Friendly Millboard - Beauty & Sustainability Combined

Millboard decking provides the ultimate solution to high-end looking decking, without the use of wood. The main element is polyurethane which is widely known for its strong and durable properties - thus eliminating the potential rotting and deterioration which is always a risk with natural wood. If you’re interested in a superb looking deck, then Millboard Decking is right for you. We cover the whole of Plumstead and Greater London and the surrounding areas, delivering quality products exactly “where you want it, when you want it.”

Why Choose Millboard?

  • Slip Resistant - the robustness of Millboard allows the surface to be more high-grip, making it safer even during the most extreme weather conditions.
  • Lightweight - it may be tough but it’s also light, making it simple and straightforward to install. 
  • Splinter Free - as Millboard is not made from wood in any way, it’s splinter free - again making it safer to utilise. 
  • Low Maintenance - it only requires a basic clean every so often as it’s stain resistant. 
  • Environmentally Friendly and Low Carbon Footprint
  • Prompt Delivery - we have our own distribution service for transport, meaning we’ll endeavour to deliver your products when and where you require. 

Manufactured in the UK, Millboard decking has been intensely tested to gauge and minimise any impact on the environment, to ensure it provides a low carbon footprint. Millboard is accredited with the international standard ISO 14064-1 verified carbon footprint assurance mark. So, you can have peace of mind that when you make a purchase with us for Millboard Decking or Cladding, you’ll be contributing to sustainability. 

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We provide hardwearing, weed-free, fully cultivated turf.

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In our field, we know how mission critical delivery timing can often be for our customers and professional contractors. Meeting the delivery schedule can be crucial to ensure your project runs to plan and to budget. George Davies Turf has a well-earned reputation for reliability and for providing a service of the highest quality.

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All our turf is fully cultivated and weed free. It is produced to extremely high standards and once we take ownership, we look after it in the best possible way. It will be delivered to your door or job in the excellent condition you would expect.
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We continually monitor the quality and consistency of our Soil products throughout the manufacturing process – to bring you the finest soil available. We have a select range of topsoil supplies including Raised Bed Mix, Ericaceous Soil, Soil Conditioner, Compost & Top Dressing.
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Our bark products are ideal for broadening and enhancing the use of space to make it fully functional and suitable for all to enjoy. Our bark range includes Ornamental bark, play bark, play sand and sharp sand.
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Our multipurpose grass seed, The All Rounder, is specifically cultivated to produce a stunning lawn that’s ideal for all around use. Many of our customers have use this seed to thicken their lawns and to treat issues with weeds.
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Excellent quality turf, team in the office were super helpful - Jane

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Here at George Davies Turf, we not only provide the best landscaping products on the market, but we also take pride in having great customer service. We genuinely care about your project which is why you can rest assured you'll be in the safest of hands. Simply call us today to get a free quote for your Millboard requirements. Not only does our Millboard range make for excellent decking, but it has several uses you may not have previously thought of including bridges, feature walls, residential cladding, gates, planters, seating, tree houses and much more!

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Our Enhanced Grain decking allows you to enjoy the look of real wood, which Millboard have spent years refining. Every shade allows the beauty of real wood to be shown in a product that's durable and low-maintenance.

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