Why should homeowners consider shade resistant turf



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Why should homeowners consider shade resistant turf

October 04, 2019      Turf Tips

For many, a shaded area of garden can actually be a pleasant place to relax or unwind, feeling secluded even if your home is situated in a bustling town or city centre, however, shade can be disastrous if you’re looking to grow a full and thick lawn that’s green and luscious all year round. Architects have now seized on the idea of ‘vertical living’ spaces with renewed strength, and ultra-tall buildings are now a feature of the urban landscape in London – whilst the shade provided by these buildings means that those living in their shadows need to be more selective when it comes to the type of turf they choose.

Shade resistant turf is therefore becoming more popular, however, it is not only those who live in the shadows of skyscrapers that are enjoying the benefits of turf that will flourish in the absence of direct sunlight. Those in the countryside, where homes boast more substantial gardens when compared to urban environments will also be faced with parts of the garden that are in the shade and this type of turf provides the ideal solution.


How can you ensure your turf thrives in a shaded setting?

For many homeowners, the ‘standard’ lawn types are ill-suited for use in environments that do not have a good amount of sunlight each day, but George Davies Turf has developed the ideal solution; Shade Tolerant Low Maintenance Turf.

This medium texture, low-maintenance turf is grown using grass cultivars that flourish in the shade, whilst it’s grown for a minimum of 18 months before harvesting. We’ve supplied this turf to a huge range of domestic and residential clients, including those looking to create stunning municipal gardens, shaded landscapes, recreational areas or golf courses. 

With our Shade Tolerant Low Maintenance Turf you’re also afforded a number of extra benefits, such as:

  • Extremely High Shade Tolerance
  • Very aggressive with unique stoloniferous creeping ability
  • Medium texture – grown for 18 months
  • Exceptional wear tolerance due to high shoot density
  • Superb year round colour – impassive to climate change (as long as it is well maintained)
  • Drought tolerant
  • Requires less fertilizer but little and often

The only drawback is that this type of turf has a sideways root growth (rather than downwards), which means that it requires regular watering. You therefore do need to be cautious if there are trees close by, because they will likely absorb the water, not giving the grass much chance to thrive. If this turf is not properly maintained, it can turn yellow in winter months, undoing your hard work during spring or summer. For homeowners who want to get the most out of their lawns, it’s well worth evaluating shade resistant varieties of turf as they deliver long term rewards, such as improving the visual appeal of the garden and therefore increasing property value.

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