Turf donation supports local nursery garden makeover



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Turf donation supports local nursery garden makeover

June 03, 2024     

Based in Tring, Hertfordshire, Goldfield Infant and Nursery School approached George Davies Turf in Spring 2024 to ask for their support in transforming their current nursery garden which had become worn and covered in hard mud.

Used by 30 children aged between 3 – 4 years old, the garden provides a valuable outdoor area for the children to enjoy but in recent years it had become very tired and in desperate need of a makeover.

With limited resources, the nursery set about getting local residents, parents and businesses involved to support them and asked George Davies Turf if they would be able to donate 80m of turf and some topsoil.

Keen to support this fantastic project, George Davies agreed to provide the grass along with some of their beautiful wildflower turf which would enable the children to create their own wildflower garden at the same time as improving the existing space.

With a team of volunteers at the ready and a date set for the makeover, the logistics team at George Davies Turf made sure the necessary stock was available and ready to be delivered in advance directly to the nursery.

Fifteen adults and ten children came together on Saturday 11th May 2024 to create the new garden which involved laying new grass, cutting back bushes and trees, painting an old sandpit and existing storage cupboards, creating a wildflower area with two small ponds and fairy garden and tidying up the construction and mud digging area.

Selena Gold, Teaching Assistant at Goldfield Infant and Nursery School said, “We can’t thank George Davies Turf enough for their very kind donation which has made the garden a bright, fun area again. Everybody came together to help and the kids were so happy to see the new, improved space. It has made everyone smile and happy to see the garden brought back to life. Not only will this years’ children benefit from the new grass, but it will benefit many nursery classes in the coming years.”

As well as making a huge difference to the appearance, the changes have made it much safer if the children fall over or off any of the equipment as they’re not falling onto hard mud anymore but onto soft grass now.

Selena and the team have plans to enhance the garden even further by building a willow path in the meadow, creating two vegetable patches and adding a slide and climbing net area.


George Davies said, “It feels great to be able to make a difference to the garden and the children who currently use it, but to know this will go on to bring joy to many more children in the future is wonderful. I look forward to hearing from Selena and the team about the new wildlife and nature they may also get to enjoy as a result of the wildflower turf we provided.”


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