Quality Turf - What should you be looking out for?



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Quality Turf – What should you be looking out for?

May 05, 2017      Turf Tips

Here at George Davies Turf there are two key things on which we pride ourselves – great quality service and great quality products. A great level of customer service is something that can be spotted a mile away and we strive to ensure itis something that is recognised in every sale that we make; equally, turf of the highest quality is the most important factor of our business. So how do you know whether the turf you have received or are looking to buy is a quality product? Here are some questions we think you should be asking:


This is probably the most important question to ask when it comes to turf; if the turf isn’t fresh then you won’t get the lush lawn that you’re looking for. Young, fresh turf is really the best way to achieve this as it will root more quickly and deeply, and will generally require less effort to establish. Turf can last a varying amount of time depending on the season, and of course the weather. For example, the low temperatures during the winter months increase the shelf life of turf, whereas the dry heat in the summer months means that we could have as little as 36hours to have it harvested,  rolled, laid and watered; this can even drop to 24hours in the height of summer! Our turf is delivered fresh every single day, which further aids our goal to ensure that every piece of turf we sell is of the highest quality.


Ultimately, you want your lawn to be healthy and glowing like a four leaf clover on St Patrick’s Day. This can only be achieved if the product that you lay is good quality, and colour is another important way of determining this. It’s important to remember that the colour of turf can and will vary depending on several things, such as the season, the amount of fertilisation, the climate – the list is endless.  Now by ‘variation’ in colour we’re talking about different shades of green – you definitely don’t want a murky brown turf, no matter what time of year it is! If the turf has patches that look tan or straw like, this means the turf has died and is a definite no-no when rolling out ‘fresh’ turf. Essentially, anything that is not on the green spectrum should raise a red flag. Consistency is also a key factor: although each roll will not look the same, individual rolls should be fairly uniform in colour and appearance.


This may sound like a silly question – after all, you’re not expecting your turf to bench press a garden gnome but the strength of a roll of turf can be a good indicator as to how fresh it is. Firstly, a quality roll of turf should not fall apart when it is gently handled. You should be able to cradle the turf and roll it out fairly easily with no rips or shreds in sight. A high quality piece of turf shouldn’t be splitting, shredding or falling apart once it is rolled out. Whilst it can technically still be laid, weak turf will not give your lawn the healthy, lush glow that you’re looking for and it will look scrappy, as well as taking twice as long to lay.

The ultimate question is are you buying from a reputable supplier that cares about their customers and the product they are selling? It is of the upmost importance to us as a company that the service and products we supply to our customers are the absolute best that they can be, and we endeavour to ensure that this is the case each and every time a roll of turf is delivered.  We genuinely care about every customer, whether you are buying five or 500 rolls of turf.

It can be tough to be entirely sure that the product you are buying is of the best quality, especially if it is the first time you are buying it. Some of our customers have written testimonials about their experiences with us, which you can find here. Whether you’re a first time turf buyer or simply just want to ensure that you are buying a high quality product, we think it’s important that you are equipped with the knowledge and facts to make sure that this is the case. Our team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have about any of our products, and their contact information can be found here.


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