Product Spotlight: Bark Mulch/ Chippings


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Product Spotlight: Bark Mulch/ Chippings

December 17, 2018      Product Spotlight

We talk a lot about the various different types of turf that we offer – after all, it’s our flagship product. However, as you may or may not know, we also sell a range of other products that can aid you in taking care of your turf and other parts of your garden. One of these is bark mulch/ chippings which can be used throughout your garden/ outdoor space in a few different ways; we’ve explored some of these within this article.

Pet Play Areas

If you have pets then it’s likely that they will need some form of outdoor space to exercise and play in, although perhaps less so during the colder, wetter months. However, using your well-looked after lawn for this is not the most ideal situation as excessive use will mean more maintenance and possible damage control to cope with. Creating a “designated area” within your outdoor space would save the headache of this, and using bark for the surface will make for some very happy animals; the different textures alone will produce hours of entertainment and the maintenance will be minimal – a quick rake here and there to turnover and freshen up the bark should be all that’s really needed. It’s also inexpensive and non-toxic, so a win all around.

Garden Pathways

Bark can be a good option for lining pathways in outdoor areas – it won’t get muddy or slippery in the wet weather and it can be an aesthetically pleasing alternative to paving slabs or other such products. It’s also a lot cheaper, both to buy initially and to lay it as there isn’t a lot of “know how” required to do so. All is needed is for the desired area to be covered with a weed suppressant membrane to stop those pesky plants coming through and voilà – you’re ready to lay. It will rot down over time, but this takes a long while and it can be easily replaced. In terms of maintenance, you can work it over with a rake from time to time to freshen things up a bit but other than that, there really isn’t a lot else to do.

Children’s Play Areas

When it comes to finding a good surface for a play area for children, our play bark is a fantastic option. It’s completely safe, having passed British safety regulations, and can provide a soft-landing underneath play equipment should it be needed. It also takes away the potential of your child being covered in mud – even when wet, the bark shouldn’t become slippery and muddy and is a very safe solution. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and again will only require a quick tidy up with a rake here and there, despite considerable footfall.


Aside from an aesthetic point of view, bark mulch also helps to retain moisture in the soil, which can be really useful especially in the drier summer months. It also aids with weed growth and keeps most of them at bay, which is an added bonus. Whether you’re looking to create a play pit and make your garden child-friendly or you’re incorporating paths and walkways in a larger outdoor space, we have the products which can help. We offer a couple of different types of bark, depending on what the needs of the space are. As well as this, we also stock various different types of sand and aggregates to suit the needs of your outdoor space, which can be found here.

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