Its Not Just Puppies That Are for Christmas!


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Its Not Just Puppies That Are for Christmas!

November 28, 2019      Winter Tips

As we now enter the hectic festive spell where most town centres, retail parks and shopping arcades extend their opening times, whilst queues lengthen along with waiting times for many products and services. Of course, there are certain industries where the festive period is quiet, but here at George Davies Turf we’ve gradually grown busier and busier during wintertime. It now seems rather common for people to invest in a new lawn for Christmas, and we’re again widely expecting turf sales to ramp up as we approach Christmas Day. 


Why buy turf in the winter months?

Many people buy their turf in the winter months because it’s hugely beneficial for the lawn itself. For example, if you buy turf in the UK at this time of year, you’re guaranteed a good amount of rain and moisture, which can play a huge role in creating a luscious lawn that thrives when the warmer weather returns. Too many people believe the common misconception that you can’t or shouldn’t lay turf during winter. That said if you have properly prepared the soil and the ground isn’t frozen, there’s no reason why you can’t lay turf during the winter. We know there are plenty of other gardening tasks you will likely need to complete during the warmer months, such as planting new trees, trimming shrubs or painting the surrounding fences and gates. Therefore ticking off the lawn before Christmas gives you more time to enjoy your garden in 2020. 


A few considerations for cold spells

There is of course one enemy to keep a close eye on if you do invest in a lawn during winter ­– and that’s frosty grass! The main tip you need to keep in mind on those frosty days is to ensure that your family does not walk on the grass; otherwise you’ll end up with footprints that prevent the turf from developing. You should also try to ensure any snow is piled up on the patio and not the lawn, as it can trigger grey snow mold (typhula blight), which is strictly a cold-weather disease, appearing where snow has melted.

We’re regularly supplying quality turf throughout the UK during winter, so if you’re looking to invest in a new lawn before 2020 rolls around, be sure to get in touch with a friendly member of our team.

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