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How Much Turf Do I Need

November 10, 2017      Turf Tips

We do advise that all of your soil preparation is completed before you decide to measure up and order your turf; this is because you’ll be able to make any final adjustments and see exactly where your turf is going. Once you have the space ready, it’s time to measure, but the method will vary depending on the shape of the lawn area.


Rectangular and Square Lawns

For the very common rectangular or square lawn, you will need to multiply the width by the length to get the area in square metres. Each roll from us is 1.65m x 0.6m wide and it works out to be 1 square metre, so the answer is also the number of rolls you will need.

Circular Lawns

You must measure the lawn at its widest point, also known as the diameter, but it’s best to note down two sets of measurements just to be safe. You then divide the diameter into two to get a measurement for the radius. The formula you need is R x R x 3.14.

Triangular Lawns

With triangular lawns, you must measure the longest side and the height of the triangle. So this will be from the mid-point of the longest side right up to the tip of the triangle. Make note of the area of the longest side then multiply that by the height of the triangle and divide the answer by 2, so it’s ½ x W x H.

Curvy and Challenging Lawns

With these types of lawns it’s always best to draw up a plan of the lawn, divide it up into sections and take measurements for each. You can then calculate the area of each section separately and add them all together to get the total amount of turf needed.


If you’re having difficulties finding out exactly how much turf you need, there are many clever turf calculators online, but for any further help or advice please do not hesitate to call us on 01234 817219.

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