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How is Turf Made?

April 04, 2023     

Nothing quite transforms an outdoor space than a lush and vibrant lawn, which can reinvigorate the most barren of spaces. Adding natural shades of green to your outdoor space can make you feel closer to nature, which ultimately soothes stress and boosts your mood.

We’re all familiar with the sweet and sharp scent of freshly cut grass which evokes feeling of spring and summer, but what’s the process if you require a full lawn makeover, or just want to nurture your existing lawn to full health? We have lots of information on our website to answer these questions, but to better understand the steps needed, it’s crucial to understand the work turf farms carry out to create this beautiful green blanket!


Ground Preparation

The first step in creating beautiful turf is to ensure the ground is well prepared. A quality rich soil should be used to give the grass an optimum start in life. The soil will include a combination of grass clippings and leftover turf from previous harvests for added nutrition. The mix is then levelled, compacted, and aerated to increase its oxygen and water content. If you ever visit a high quality turf farm here in the UK, you’ll discover no clumps, lumps rocks, dips or puddles!


Once the ground is prepared, it’s time to start seeding. In most cases, the soil is at least partially seeded from the previous year’s harvest, however, farmers will step this up, using a tractor that evenly spreads the seeds over the soil to ensure maximum coverage. The type of seed used in the UK is usually a perennial ryegrass seed, as it is hugely versatile and hardy, providing a durable and lush lawn.

Giving your turf a touch of TLC

The turf will require ongoing care and attention. Watering is a major part of the process and is completed on a regular basis. Fertilising also helps to nourish the soil, resulting in healthier turf that is resistant to pests and diseases.

With excellent preparation, plenty of sunshine and ample water, the grass will begin to show signs of life in just a few weeks. Turf farmers will then mow the grass every couple of days to ensure it remains nice and healthy, preventing any weeds from taking over.


Around 18 months or so, with the grass in full bloom – it’s time to harvest! A large tractor tool with giant blades is used to cut the turf into strips which are then rolled up for easy transportation and delivered to our customers across the country.

What about artificial turf?

It’s no secret that here at George Davies Turf, we strive for the best we can find, and artificial turf is no exception. Artificial turf has become increasingly popular in recent years for use in homes, playgrounds, sports arenas, and stadiums. It requires little maintenance, is more affordable than natural grass, and can be used where real grass is struggling to grow. But how exactly is artificial turf made?

The process is making faux turf is complex and the materials used will vary depending on the manufacturer, however, it begins with the creation of synthetic fibres that are designed to look and feel like natural blades of grass. The fibres may be made from polyethene or nylon – essentially a strong, flexible material that can withstand extreme temperatures and heavy use. The fibres are then tufted into a backing fabric, which is rubber-coated to prevent the turf from slipping or sliding underfoot. The tufts are punched through the backing material and then glued into place.

Finally, the turf is often treated with a UV stabiliser and antimicrobial coating to protect it from harsh weather conditions. The result is an incredibly realistic finish that looks just like real grass but without any of the hassle!

So, there you have it! Whether you’re laying down a fresh bed of luscious green grass in your garden or opting for a low-maintenance artificial turf, you can be sure that your lawn will look great with the help of George Davies Turf. With 1.5 million rolls of freshly cut, golf course-quality turf sold every year, you know you’re in safe hands!



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