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Halloween Garden Ideas

October 27, 2022     

With autumn coming to an end, we wanted to celebrate the spookiest season of the year before putting our gardens to bed for winter. To get you into the supernatural spirit of things, we’ve pulled together 7 spooky Halloween garden ideas to decorate your outdoor space.


1.Scatter wooden signs and tombstones

What we love about this idea is that you can reuse any old wooden pallets, fence panels or pieces of wood to paint and create DIY Halloween signs or tombstones. The more broken and wonkier they are, the better! Write fang-tastic quotes, fatal directions for any Halloween guests, or why not give your plants eerie names, like: Frankenstein’s Ferns, Devilish Dahlia’s, Poisoned Primrose or Narcissus Lestrange.


  1. Frighten the neighbours with a terrifying scarecrow

You can’t beat the classics and a scarecrow is a great Halloween accessory for the whole family to get involved with. Not only are they fun to bring to life, but they can also help distract birds, pests or trick and treaters from your crops. Use old pillows, bedding or cushions to make the body and dress them in ripped, patchwork or tatty clothes to give them that horror-film-esc feel. Or why not dress them up as our very own George Davies?!


3.Pile up your pumpkins

Is it even Halloween without a pumpkin? These versatile props can be used in so many ways, from pumpkin patches and pathways to plant pots with real flowers and painted pumpkins used as Halloween decorations. The best part is they’re multipurpose; scoop out and cook the seeds for snacks and pop the pumpkin into your compost bin when you’re done!


4.Dead-man’s hands

A quick and gruesome way to give your guests a fright. Either buy skeleton or decapitated hand accessories and bury them in the top of your plant pots and flower beds, or stuff your own gardening gloves to look like fake hands. Add a little pretend blood and a gardening tool prop to give the illusion someone’s been buried alive!


5.Bring old bulbs back from the dead

Like we said, this is a great time to start putting your garden to bed and this is when you usually start to discover old bulbs that didn’t bloom, have been munched by pests or some that have finished for the season. These are ideal for Halloween garden ideas; creating frightful flower murder scenes all over your garden.


6.Hang creepy bats and ghosts

This is a quick and easy option to accessorise any trees, fences or balconies. Use a bat and ghost template on paper or card to (carefully) cut out your spooky shaped decoration. Add as many as you like and attach some string for them to hang and swing from different spots around your garden.


7.Spread the fear with spiderwebs

Again, this is a quick and easy way to spook-up your space. It also works for any sized garden, and you can add as much as you want. Use string to make giant spider webs or use fake, stretchy spider web across fences, furniture, doors or plants. Pick up some fake spiders too and dot them around the web. Just watch out for any real spiders when you clean it away!



As much as we love dressing our gardens up for the season, it’s important to clear away any debris that could damage your turf, plants or furniture. Recycle or compost what you can and dispose of the rest correctly. If during this time you spot that your turf could do with a refresh, then get in touch and we’ll help you out – no tricks, we promise! 


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