GDT Driver Case Study – Sam Reeve


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GDT Driver Case Study – Sam Reeve

October 11, 2023     

Meet adrenaline junkie Sam Reeve, or ‘Shorty’ as he’s known by his friends and customers

Keen sportsman, experienced tree surgeon and Go-Kart racer Sam Reeves started at GDT in 2021, and despite his nickname he is certainly not short of skills when it comes to his role as lorry driver for the company.

After an opportunity arose to work with a friend of the family in the landscaping business in 2007, Sam quickly developed a passion for the job early on and loved the fact you could walk into an empty garden and transform it into something incredible in a matter of weeks.

During this time, Sam also worked as a tree surgeon and he stayed in this role for 7 years building up an impressive knowledge of the sector, not to mention a solid head for heights.

Sam said, “I broke my leg in 2018 and it wasn’t until I wanted to go back to playing football that I realised a change of career and a less physical profession would make more sense. I used to haul some machinery about on a day-to-day basis and had taken my trailer test, so I had some experience in that area.

“I’d also known George for about 15 years as I used to buy turf from GDT and would often attend many of his events with my family, and so I grew a bond with him from then. I took a stab in the dark and phoned him up one day and said, ‘I’m interested in doing my HGV licence, would you be looking for someone?’ Surprisingly he said yes and so it all just fitted together.”

Having the landscaping knowledge, understanding the products first hand and the aftercare involved helped Sam to fit in quickly and he is now a highly-skilled lorry driver.

Since completing his HGV licence, Sam has also received forklift truck and manual handling training alongside his annual CPC course which ensures he remains compliant.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at GDT, Sam said, “Seeing lots of different places! I travelled a bit before, but with this job you’re going to lots of towns and villages where you can admire the scenery around you. I also enjoy the wide range of customers and people you meet along the way – and giving them a great experience.

“If you work as a team then it’s a lot easier than doing stuff by yourself and everyone here helps each other – teamwork is a big part of it. I feel supported and have a laugh and I have become really good friends with a lot of the team.”

Sam is a father to two young boys and has their names proudly written on the front of his truck, along with his nickname on the side. Like many of his co-workers, Sam is a car enthusiast – a trait he said he got from his Dad after spending time together customising his first two cars. He recently attended Goodwood and JapFest and has a particular passion for Japanese cars.

Sam loves to stay active and regularly plays cricket and badminton – he has even managed to encourage some of his team members to join him.

When he’s not driving trucks, you may occasionally find Sam behind the wheel of a Go Kart where he’s been known to leave many an opponent eating dust as he secures another win – one of these being for GDT when they entered a team into the confederations of small businesses in Newmarket.

As an adrenaline junkie, Sam has used his energy to raise thousands of pounds for charities over the years, including abseiling down the lift tower in Northampton for Cystic Fibrosis and taking part in the Longest Golf Day for Macmillan Cancer – an activity he continues to organise and take part in each year with his best friend.

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